My hairstylist has a thriving business (she now owns her own salon). She LOVES her job and through her work and her wonderful personality she brings Wolf no story should end too soon suicide awareness shirt other people’s lives, mine included. It sounds like you’re making a positive contribution to other people’s lives through your work as well. Kahea Aona as an American teacher I’m going to offer that the educational systems are very different.

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First, we are no where nearly as respected for the same work as our non-USA counter parts. Second, there most certainly inspirational teachers here. Brandon has happened upon their stories in the past. So, just because someone has a positive experience elsewhere, I invite you not to trash those of us here.

Honestly, I don’t feel held back as a woman (maybe right now a bit but certainly not back at age 15– I was too naive!!) I felt like being a cosmetologist was an attainable goal and seemed like a popular thing to do. That’s more likely what it was than anything else. I do look forward to being a female doctor and making a difference.

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Vivienne Joan You’re absolutely right that there are lots of inspirational teachers here in the USA. Perhaps what Kahea was pointing out was that American teachers aren’t usually able to invest so much in their students because of insane demands through the state, extremely high teacher to student ratios, major discipline problems with no consequences within the school, and lack of lateral support. My husband is a high school teacher in NC and he deals with all those problems on a regular basis. He still does his best but I don’t think he would find Wolf no story should end too soon suicide awareness shirt  feasible to help one student full-time such as the one in the story did.

Teaching, in France, is often the career choice that the most successful students aspire to. Further, the profession is more highly valued in French society than in many Anglo countries (mine included) both in terms of pay and social status.


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