I’ve been a nurse for 49 years. When a patient referred to me as, “my nurse”, it was said in such a manner that I was proud to be that person. Has your attitude been like this or were you taught this in nursing school? Either way, in my opinion, stay away from patients, your attitude stinks! You love this Without teachers we wouldn’t be nurses shirt and want to take this one. Everyday, in nursing, presents learning opportunities, not always scientifically based, but also compassion based. I think you missed that human, compassionate opportunity big time.

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Without teachers we wouldn't be nurses shirt

Without teachers we wouldn’t be nurses unisex shirt

I remember when there was nothing else they could do to save husband.the nurses were great. but the doctor.that woman could hardly get out the news to me.she showed a lot of emotions just to get the words out of her mouth..that I respect.it’s like she felt the pain she was fixing to inflict on me. She was a very good doctor and very compassionate..it does help to show the emotions to the family member if you have them

Nursing school did little to help me learn to support families as their loved ones died. But, I did learn a great deal from watching other veterans nurses and doctors who had a gift of compassion and care that they expressed beautifully to their patients and families.

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Without teachers we wouldn't be nurses shirt

Without teachers we wouldn’t be nurses ladies shirt

Brock it’s been 11 years and I have many happy memories of my wonderful mom. I no longer shake with anger over what that nurse did. We all wanted to be there when our mother took her final breathe but obviously that was not possible. Be cool with Without teachers we wouldn’t be nurses shirt. The nusre could have spoken to family in the waiting room but she choose to rant in my mother’s room while I held my mother’s hand waiting for the final moment.

Firstly, I met with an entire room of hospital administrators and her nursing director, not just over that but to tell them about some of the wonderful nurses I did encounter and to find out why the hospital did not perform the requested autopsy before my mother was cremated (answer: they lost the paperwork). I didn’t go with a lawyer, I didn’t sue. So I just wanted them to know if mistakes were made they needed to fix them. And 7 years later I learned that nurse lost her job the day after my meeting. It was made clear to me she had many previous complaints against her. Thank you for helping to educate others. I have a family full of nurses and aides. I truly respect how difficult the medical professions can be.


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