However, I know people who are invested in these films could like this. There’s some references here and there to the original. I actually love all the creature designs as well. The movie isn’t unwatchable. This is all due in part for the fact that Tessa and All I want for Christmas is Rupaul t-shirt charisma is just off the charts.

The green little sprawl that joins them is also a really fun character. So yeah, I did enjoy these characters but the movie around them didn’t work for me at all. However, if you are here to just have a nice breezy time at the films this summer, Men in Black International is always an option. Jim Hensons sprawling and ambitious “Christmas is Rupaul t-shirt” is anything but perfect. It’s admirable for having some of the best world building, creature designs and production design in any film ever made, but it sadly has a pretty slow uneven narrative and poor writing.

I like the film for its ambitions and the fact Jim Henson wanted to make this weird fantasy world and make it a bit more cerebral. She have more hope that Christmas is Rupaul t-shirt respond to The Dark Crystal. The film bombed, it didn’t help that in 1982 attention was all on E.T. that also used practical puppet to bring a character to life in a much more focused narrative.

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Overtime, The Dark Crystal has gained a cult following of people who were either scared of it as a kid or just was awed by the world and characters. This led to a new comic series being released based on the world and All I want for Christmas is Rupaul unisex t-shirt coming out in August based off the original. It will be interesting to see where the Netflix series takes place in the timeline and if it uses any lore explored here.

Once I saw the art in this thing- I knew I had to pick it up for it alone and the visual aspects of this comic never let me down. The nice hues and bright colors contrasted from dark grimy worlds really made this whole comic an identity that stayed true to the source material but gave it a new voice. It makes sense since the original was loved for its aesthetic that the comic would be as well.

Beyond just the art, The Power of the Dark Crystal has a strong narrative and actually improves upon a lot of the mistakes of the original. Fans of the original might not like the new characters taking the forefront or in general this feeling a little different- but this feels like a less elusive story then the original and I think that’s a good way to go.

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Jim Henson always say The Dark Crystal and his All I want for Christmas is Rupaul t-shirt as political statements on war and having to come together despite our differences. I think this comic understands that more then the original film itself. The conflict our two characters are facing is very difficult and they have to make difficult choices.  I also think some revelations are kinda rushed and motivations are a little confused. Other than that, this is a great comic series and I’m excited to pick up volume 2.

When I was first seeing trailers to Aladdin, I was honestly just really worried it was gonna be the worst most childhood tarnishing thing I’d ever see in my life. I didn’t go too deep into my thoughts of the film from the trailers because I try to go by the, “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” motto when it comes to movies coming into theaters. Not only because of my job but also because someday I would like to do an internship at Disney and just trashing their decision seems like a bad idea.


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