It would be ridiculously boring and I see no satisfaction in that all, knowing the outcome because winning is so frequent even if it is my favorite team. True, but the problems lies in bills. Can’t just simply let go of the stress. I totally get what you mean though. But I’m not just living for myself. Family bills..etc comes to play. I tried it already. Letting the money stress go. It only comes with more problems. For making the video. I honestly think the more people whom here this out. The better. At least I would hope. Life is organic. Sometimes it gives you Vintage Star Wars Wookie of the year shirt sometimes 7. But happiness isn’t quantifiable by number so might as well just let the numbers flow and be contented with what each and every turn would show.

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Long long year ago there was no money only commodities and some coins used so they are more more happy all the relatives family members surrounding them no technology at all more healthier live up to Vintage Star Wars Wookie of the year shirt without trouble any one no new diseases after Edison invent bulb the bad time started and now we in the mobile addiction next we kill the nature create artificial like space. No more tires For vehicles all fly in the road or building up no more food all take vitamin tablets all friends and relatives in advanced Facebook and main thing oxygen come to sale like water I think already started big enemy is technology. Technology improve only medical side it’s good.

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Unisex shirt

I say scientist are stupid they make us more lazy and killing the naturalness Krishna bring the world to back to get real happy. Same here numbers do not interest me much. Only that amount is required at my disposable which pays of my utility bills and buys me food. I actually ask my self a lot of times what will happen if i buy a new watch which is launched, or an updated smart phone, a new car etc and then i answer it myself. Nothing will happen satisfaction only lasts for the interim period and then it vanishes like Vintage Star Wars Wookie of the year shirt Next time same feelings, same wants in some other form or figure though takes birth. Invest time in building relationships not necessarily contacts for exploiting in future.


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