This is the law if diminishing returns and it is not about numbers but numbers can fall into it. As good as you’ve gotten in video making, you need to broaden your education or get a broader based staff. At this point, you’re just spreading opinion and adding to the current condition we battle in media. We want to trust you but you need to be trust worthy and not just opinion spouting. The One/None Light of Being radiating through us, all- surrendering letting Life/Light shine through us- regardless of external circumstances. Joy. Breathing in, breathing out- radiating Joy. Joy shining in my Vintage Monica seven friends shirt Just look. That was beautiful. Idgaf about money, i only care about love, people i love and pretty much people in general.

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I use to have six times Vintage Monica seven friends shirt i have now when i was married but i am much happier now than before which much less because i live with my best friend now and she is the sweetest soul i have ever met, we’re not gay by the way she is just very kind and righteous. Happiness is measured by relativity. You compare the current moment with your past moment. You feel happy by knowing you are better than your past self. Numbers give us a clear way to compare. Even without numbers, we can still become less appreciated for what we have. Many of us take healthy family members for granted. We should be happy about that too. As much as this video makes sense.

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Unisex shirt

I do not think that Vintage Monica seven friends shirt on happiness is that simple as Numbers vs Relationship. I believe that it is probably related to the truth of life, originating to the question on what is the purpose of our lives. Because as much as Numbers and Relationship can give one happiness, we will have to face ‘losing’ them all eventually death. Which is why in order for one to have any happiness that might be permanent, one will have to address on what happens after we die on the truth of what will go with us and what will not, and then invest our energy and attention based on that belief. You’re right. That trap is what you called Greed. If you don’t know what to do with it. But if you do know the purpose of money in your life, you’ll be a better man.


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