Dominic Espela I think people assume she’s just going to come in and stomp out thanos basically making the people we’ve watched for over 10 years seem useless compared to her. A lot of people love Thor Avengers Endgame not today shirt because apparently her movie was great  and Bri Larson said that she won’t let a straight white man tell her. How to make a movie and that her movie is not for straight white men.

Thor Avengers Endgame not today shirt, unisex shirt, longsleeve

I knew spidy would become the new tony. Not only is he smart but he’s also the only one now that is wearing Tony’s tech. I’m upset tony is gone but I’m happy spidy is his successor. Introduce multiverses, and we now have The Avengers back together. This is probably a doorway the MCU will use to somehow bring Stark, Young Cap, and all the others back.

Lambeth no they wont, stark is done, at least through Robert downey jr same.with chris Evan’s.. both have been vocal they are done… I see his daughter taking the mantle in the future.. or maybe another verse. Who says an alternative dimensional version would look the same as we already know? You don’t look exactly like your brother, do you? Just get an actor that looks similar to Downey JR.

So many love with Thor Avengers Endgame not today shirt, tank top, guys shirt

They could bring back another iron man, if we’re talkin’ multiverses. Iron man here was Tony Stark, but somewhere else he could be someone entirely different. I’m pretty sure tony is dead, now. Like, just done with everything. Bucky will be the next cap, or Sam, comic-wise it was Bucky. Maybe this time around, we’ll get wolverine as an avenger like he was supposed to be.

I still think with the Thor Avengers Endgame not today shirt in parallel dimensions there could be slight genetic differences. So they could cast a new actor as Stark and since he looks similar that could just be one of the differences. Same brilliant mind, same tech, and everything. Warning for those who read this. If your read the comic books I don’t went to says this but Iron Man still alive in the Multiverse so the Avengers not over and Loki still lives.


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