As I mentioned before The Pandalorian funny Panda Star Wars t-shirt aspects of Camaelshirt Star Wars media which leads to a lot of fan service moments for many but some of these moments are actually a lot more important than people realize. We get to have some expanded knowledge about the familiar faces and familiar places as we follow Mando through the galaxy. We revisit species like the Jawas and the Tusken raiders and we see them in a new way that changes our view of them in this universe completely.

This is something the sequel trilogy has done as well but while some people just don’t seem to be that accepting of the changes there they are more than willing to accept the changes made to the lore in this show. Think on that as you will but I personally adore all the additions they have made in this series especially with what they did with the Tusken raiders in a short but great scene.

The Pandalorian funny Panda Star Wars t-shirt, unisex t-shirt, hoodie

The Pandalorian funny Panda Star Wars unisex t-shirt

The Pandalorian funny Panda Star Wars unisex t-shirt

The cinematography and visuals of this series are absolutely fantastic. There are a number of incredible shots in this series that are so memorable you can easily picture in your mind. There are also very minor details that some may not notice on the first viewing but show the careful and artistic care put into this series. The effects The Pandalorian funny Panda Star Wars t-shirt and practical are incredible in this series especially the puppeteering. Baby Yoda’s puppeteering is perhaps the most impressive in the show but there are other notable areas as well.

And the music composed by Father Mandalorian and baby Yoda this is the way t-shirt is truly spectacular and honors the great John Williams. Every director involved contributes their own unique style into every episode and it all works beautifully together which I will admit is much better organized than the different visions of the original trilogy and the sequel trilogy. It does feel like there was a unified and passionate voice for this series that I really hope to see for future Star Wars content whether it be for future movies or more shows like this one.


If you are really into Star Wars then this certainly the show for you but I could see many casual viewers also enjoy this show even if they aren’t that big into the movies. The Mandalorian will be returning with another season and I am The Pandalorian funny Panda Star Wars t-shirt to see what comes next. I’m going to give The Mandalorian Season 1 an A+.

The Pandalorian funny Panda Star Wars t-shirt, longsleeve, sweatshirt

The Pandalorian funny Panda Star Wars sweatshirt

The Pandalorian funny Panda Star Wars sweatshirt

I felt myself smiling. Not because of the location but because we get to see good characters who have personalities and a story behind them. However, The Pandalorian funny Panda Star Wars hoodie seems a bit too much like Robocop compared to these other side characters.  He’s fine right now I just want more emotion. But let’s get on with the plot a bit.

The plot was interesting. Although short it was still nice to have character interactions. Faloni is great with bringing the best in side characters. I do wonder if we can get an overarching plot. All we know is that the kid is important and people are after him and it. Someone is trying to capture him and the kid. Mando wins. The ship is repaired and then he flies off. Can we get a bit more diversity and not have it.


Disney plus is out and with it is the new show “The Mandalorian”. At first glance the Mandalorian looks amazing and it is easy to tell that a lot of money went into making it. The action is superb and the choreography works. Even though the show looks great, it falls into the same first episode trap that many other shows do. The pilot episode of The Pandalorian funny Panda Star Wars t-shirt is wholeheartedly intended to set up the show and plant seeds. The main character isn’t established as well as he could be.


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