I was an aide several years In the Chicago public school system. So I have seen the struggles and stress teachers go through not having the proper tools to help these children with the budget they are given. I am a teacher. Why the need to compare the careers? Teacher work harder than senators t-shirt, both are underpaid and overworked, and both deserve raises. While you should never go into a career solely for the money. We do intend on being able to support our families on that income. Instead of comparing and degrading, why not recognize the struggles of many professions and try to lift them up. During the school year there is very little flexibility.

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Teacher work harder than senators t-shirt

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It doesn’t list like every teachers name and their salary. But it has a table with the starting salary and each step up in the scale for years of experience. And or hours of continued education. You would have to have an idea how many years someone was teaching. And if they just have their bachelors or a masters etc. But it gives perspective.

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Teacher work harder than senators t-shirt

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However, it can make it seem like someone is making more than they are. I don’t teach anymore but the district I was in has a freeze and the teachers weren’t moving up in the pay scale for additional years of experience. It was pretty great.

From just hearing your voice I can tell you are a wonderful teacher work harder than senators t-shirt. Teacher you give from your heart and that’s what Ben seen in you. I bless you both with so much more love and care for the future of our children. Thank you


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