She got big things going on that needs her attention. Do your thing girl. In whole America and South Africa my home country there’s no woman.  Hello Selena, I’m a singer and I want to be a Star. My dear I need your help. A collaboration with you will make me a big star please. Help me come out to the lime light. I write Stitch riding Snoopy t-shirt, and I’m very good at writing. Please let me do a collaboration with you so we can do the music video together. I know you have a good heart. I beg you in the name of Jesus Christ who you honor. Please help me. Help me dear, help me. I want to shine. As you’re working on your new album, a single with me will be a hit and a plus to your album. Believe me. Please dear help me.

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I never considered myself a math person. However, as an adult I did the math worksheets, levels 2a to D and used this method of calculating. It got to the point where I could see Stitch riding Snoopy t-shirt and know the answers without thinking. To do his method, you need to be excellent at addition and knowing the last number of two sums. This is how I think now. I retrained my brain.  This is common core math. It is how I’ve always added as an adult and why I’ve always been able to add in my head. It’s too bad everyone rejects it for political reasons or because they are afraid of something different. It’s just found common sense. Americans used to be taught differently.

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School changes have made it so. We now teach a variety of methods common core which I actually see benefits of including this one, which is actually called the partial grouping method. Or big 7 depending on how its taught, set up . But the standard algorithm Stitch riding Snoopy t-shirt for Americans works right to left with carrying numbers from smaller to larger groupings. That’s what he’s addressing. I’m an elementary teacher by the way. I learned standard algorithm growing up so I have a hard time with larger numbers in mental math. I need pen and paper as did, do most Americans. Mental math is relatively rare still when it comes to being routinely taught in upper grade elementary beyond single digits.


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