next word Lord you choose to look up. God noticed. I finally caught on too. Whatever building God is building you into He made you the cornerstone. God Bless from me and Janice. Selena, today I made a gangster chain, with the holy cross. She will send the Soccer mom’s pre game ritual shirt when possible, and guess what yesterday. He had 5 gram and I took it all. I didn’t sleep at all but I was thinking about you, I have so many pictures of you I really like, love you, see you kid. Pray to Jesus for time to rewind. Prepare by taking an antipsychotic. For Selina Gomez sake, over her lupus. Selena should read about alluding and the beating death of time eater. My God is coming now.

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My God is Jesus Christ. He is everywhere in everyone you meet. Knee. He choose you. You cannot sleep from now. So say to all over the whole. I did try to dance and move around the gigantic bed. The firmness and steepness caught me off balance quite a bit. What a workout. You must have had fun, I wish you were Soccer mom’s pre game ritual shirt and I appreciate your time to do that live video.  I would like to get to know you better and ask questions.  I give up on trying to be different even though I can move pictures a tiny bit by mind. N the devil bothers me every once in a while TV fuzz around you shows aliens too but I’m just always broke but for one great and mighty reason yep smoking meth. First of all I just playing earlier. Cause you got some insight. And some interesting fans.

Soccer mom’s pre game ritual shirt, unisex shirt, longsleeve

I do want to cross the road. Without being shot over you. No people are who they are. I accept them. Much love my Family. The real Selena Gomez please contact me. If anyone is just pretending to be Selena don’t even try it. I’ve been scammed by one person pretending to be her and had about 9 Soccer mom’s pre game ritual shirt try to scam me so I’ve heard it all. Here is what to look for when determining if it’s the real Selena. Scammers will want you to pay for transportation for Selena to come see you. They want you to donate to her foundation. They want you to be an ambassador. Selena is having trouble accessing her money and needs your help. Selena is downloading iTunes can you help her. They typically want you to send iTunes cards or amazon gift card pics so they can’t be traced.


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