He was a customer and he had this So there’s this girl she kinda stole my heart shirt till now. We became friends. Then my roomate. One night after commiserating about lousy dates, wanting just to go to the gd movies. We went to the movies. I had a 2.5 yr old. He played cars with her, read to her. We met when I was 15 and he was 20. A few months later, he sat me down and said in all seriousness,”I’m too old for you; don’t fall in love with me” and I sat there thinking, “Ha! He said Love first!” We married when I was 18. 43 years ago.

So there’s this girl she kinda stole my heart shirt, tank top, guys shirt

One night while I was in the shower and they were singing Sesame street songs in the kitchen. I got real clear that we weren’t friends anymore, we were soulmates. My husband asked me out after knowing me a week. I said no, I didn’t date people I worked with (which was true, but I also thought he was a giant nerd). We were friends for 3 months. One night after the Christmas rush, we were out drinking in a group, & he asked me again. He was one of the nicest human beings I’d ever met, so I said yes. A week later, I kissed him on our date. I haven’t kissed anyone else since. Married 17 happy years.

My husband and I played the “we’re best friends/like brother and sister” game for two years and three months in high school. We spent all day every day together, attached at the hip. Then one night he sent me a MySpace message about how much he loved me and after a few days of us both pretending it never happened we made it official. Nine years of marriage and six years of parenting and we are still the best of friends and sweethearts. Check back with me after March 1st though. I’m forcing him to go Irish dancing with me, and he’s trying to figure a way out of it.

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My husband and I had a near miss like that. I took So there’s this girl she kinda stole my heart shirt to give him. It lead to 2 more years as friends because I thought I’d misread him and he actually wasn’t interested so I started dating someone else. The next time I was single he showed up on my doorstep, proclaimed his feelings. And declared his intention to marry me. We’ve been married nearly 15 years.


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