His woman found purpose and fulfillment in a place many would never look. And yes she should be boasting. Alot of people live their lives without leaving such a legacy. Lifting your entire family and generations to come out of poverty through sheer grit is no mean feat. This is the tough thing about Smile bucks coffee Joker Starbucks shirt of this situation. When she becomes feeble and elderly needing help from her family, I hope they don’t just pay lip service and actually remember what they were given. Unfortunately, morails can’t be policed to be acted on in some cases.

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I think in asia it’s less of a problem than in western countries. However, lip service stating more than what you really did is a bigger issue in asia , don’t get me started on  Smile bucks coffee Joker shirt  and who deserves claim to money after someone’s passing. Because cultures there are generally adverse to being straight and telling it like it is and choose to save face and pander.

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Let’s just hope her family pulls through and gives her the treatment she deserves. The sad truth in most of these cases is that once her income stops, her family will no longer treat her the same way. I come from a family with so many members who have uprooted thenselves to work overseas and were loved by all because they bring in much needed funds. But once they retire to enjoy the fruits of their Smile bucks coffee Joker Starbucks shirt, and should they fall into tough times, sadly no one comes to their rescue. But she did it at the expense of her own life and happiness.


While I applaud the amazing gift she gave to her family, I can’t help feeling that she was let down by them. As her siblings grew older, couldn’t they have taken their turn working away from home and sending money back. It shouldn’t all be on the back of one person. She is probably too old now to get married and have her own Smile bucks coffee Joker shirt and maybe that’s something that she would have liked to do. Her siblings will get their education and probably move away and leave her to care for their mother in her elderly years.

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I worked for a man who had a nanny, housekeeper from the philippines. She came to canada to work for them, leaving her two small children at home, aged 2 and 4, to be cared for by their grandmother. She didn’t return home until they were in their mid-20’s, having missed their Smile bucks coffee Joker Starbucks shirt growing up years. Which is ridiculous because if it’s been 15 years she should not be having to support them in any way any more they should have struck out on their own to new countries to get jobs.

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If they couldn’t secure employment that sustained them in their homeland instead they had babies and expected her to pay for most of it it seems.  It’s so sad, they basically take advantage of the familial loyalty of the person who leaves. Don’t get me wrong I do understand supporting a parent who may have no way to earn an income or not enough income, or a sick sibling, but if the parties are able bodied adults who are even fit and healthy enough to reproduce then they should be taking care of their Smile bucks coffee Joker Starbucks shirt not having children they can’t, don’t want to care for themselves.


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