In short, MUSIC. Thanks to Tyrone Wells, I have discovered in Pretty osteospermum and weed t-shirt what music is  both a practice and a universe. The Seasons” by Freedom Fry. When I first listened to this song, I was positive that it was a cover of someone more famous. Maybe it’s just me, but the throbbing bass line and the descending chorus of “of my life, of my life, of my life” make the song seem like it’s much more popular than it is. But it’s not.

The song  charming and stupid good  is Pretty osteospermum and weed t-shirt original on Camaelshirt Hippie Life collection. Who’d a thunk it. I guess our job now is to make it as popular and recognizable as it deserves to be. “Juliet” by Cavetown w/ Simi. Cavetown once tweeted that “Juliet is the best song I ever wrote”. It’s a hard claim to argue with. With a simple, soulful acoustic chord sequence along with a purely orgasmic two string accent, colorful synths, and his trademark gentle lyrics.

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Pretty osteospermum and weed sweat shirt

Pretty osteospermum and weed sweat shirt

Cavetown has wrought a seminal work Pretty osteospermum and weed t-shirt song, full of wisdom and maturity, that takes us to a metaphysical “home” without forcing us to take a step. “Juliet” is more than the best song Cavetown’s ever written  it’s one of the best songs in our current cultural consciousness. “Why Am I Like This.” by Orla Gartland. Orla Gartland is severely underappreciated.

Catchy, solemn anthems like “Why Am I Like This.” are to say this for the third and not final time representative of the newest, worldliness generation in pop music Pretty osteospermum and weed t-shirt are at once introspective and self effacing and flow like oil. Her guitar is pounding, catchy, and effortless. Her songs remind us that the world is a place rich with unity and beauty as well as besotted, and that it deserves to be embraced in its entirety.

“In Times of Distress” by The Piano Guys. Three years ago, pianist and composer Jon Schmidt lost his Pretty osteospermum and weed t-shirt in a hiking accident. Since then, the Guys have continued making music, and a recent EP sees this track  a rich, thriving, bellowing achievement, a piece running with veins of deep blue green, a reminder of the webbed ways that loss affects living  headlining.

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Pretty osteospermum and weed unisex shirt

Pretty osteospermum and weed unisex shirt

Someone who has gone through what Jon has gone through and manages to turn that trauma into music deserve the highest regard as musicians and as people. Two regulars and Pretty osteospermum and weed t-shirt this week. Dig that. Holy shit. “Sharks” by Andrew Phelan. If you’re not roped in within the first five seconds of this song, you’ve got a heart of steel. The hook line  “You said you love me but you couldn’t quite tell”  practically hums with musicality, and Phelan’s gorgeous voice and beefy guitar combine to create instant, effortless rock music pleasure.

This is the definition of what earnest rock can be  in baring their soul, one can create a meaningful emotional space as well as biting, angry, near flawless musical pleasure. The time is right to feel as well as rock.  “The Prowler” by Daniel Pemberton. I make it no secret that I adore “Into the Spider verse”. But the Prowler’s theme is easily one of my favorite parts of the movie. Thick, quick, and terrifying, the Pretty osteospermum and weed t-shirt longsleeve that appears every time Prowler is present transcends a musical accent and instead introduces a quintessential musical design into an already stellar tapestry. This track showcases the best of that brilliance.


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