This is such a powerful message that Dhar Mann actually created first, if you watch his videos. This video that Jay posted is a complete copy of Dhar’s original work. It’s SO sad to see someone copying another individual’s work. Being an artist myself, I would be so upset seeing one of my paintings re-done by another artist. Let’s give credit where credit is due here. Thank you Dhar for this message. You are making a Preggosaurus Rex Pregnancy Mom Dinosaur shirt out of something small. They are sending the same message. How do you all know that he wasn’t working on a this video while the other was making his and his came out first.

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They are creators, and guess what sometimes creators have the same message. Look at YT how many creators have similar content. A LOT of them. Poor vs. Rich is very stereotypical of you. Just because your rich and your kids has accomplishments doesn’t mean their kid is a shallow human. Change your title. My kid was the star bball player, had every chance to get a scholarship and still has a nice college fund sitting in the bank. She turned it all down, because “college is not in her cards”. She’s 21, lives on her own w/o monetary help from me, very happy and comes over just to hang out with her siblings every weekend. Money dose NOT define who you are. Stop stereotyping rich people.


I’m a single mother of three amazing children. My son is doing so great in school. He’s received invites from many colleges. We’ve discussed the expense of college and we’ve discussed other avenues to success. I will not be able to afford to pay his college tuitions. I still have to pay mine. He says, “Mom, I understand. I will apply for scholarships and I can work.

My son like Preggosaurus Rex Pregnancy Mom Dinosaur shirt, unisex shirt, longsleeve

I’ll help out.” There is nothing more rewarding than a loving child. That’s the greatest success for a mom. Teach your kids love, compassions and empathy and they’ll thrive. Be humble. Absolutely one of my boys struggled in school however today he owns his own business has a beautiful family & is such a beautiful Preggosaurus Rex Pregnancy Mom Dinosaur shirt I never doubted my boy for a single second Parents never give up on you kids show them the unconditional love and support and they will always shoot for the moon . Oh btw we aren’t rich but the love of my kids makes me a billionaire


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