Yeah guys make this go viral so people can stop giving her their shirt when theirs people that can really use it. I love how she goes from playing human and wanting them to leave her alone and then asks why they’re bothering her in a more nice manner when there’s other people watching here wish they had called the Pikachu slap Jigglypuff baka funny t-shirt Besides,I will do this police, for her too be taking from people who are kind enough, she was disgusting.

I’m glad those young men harassed her. No she’s sleeping in her car, she’s clean has nice shoes, its lucky cause for the people that really need it, its people like her why I do give shirt just because she has a car doesn’t mean she Camaelshirt store. There are people living in their cars too. But I have seen people who do have homes out helping for shirt and they have plenty of shirt. I’m glad Pikachu slap Jigglypuff baka funny t-shirt revealing who these stories are. Exposed one myself on my neighborhood social media complete with a grocery store wish list.

Pikachu slap Jigglypuff baka funny t-shirt, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

And of course 100 excuses why she can go through proper channels. BEWARE of people who play on your sympathy during these worked at a bar near the interstate in New Orleans where there is a HUGE Camaelshirt store population and there was Pikachu slap Jigglypuff baka funny t-shirt that would come in to eat a time or two a week and he said he would make about 100-200 a day helping if he got claim on the right corners. Insane. He was fully capable of working but made so much standing there he did have to.

She is a con artist. Love on her. She ruins it for people that need it. Sell her car if she is that broke. Great job guys this happens all the time people that beg shirt a d are better off than people who actually try a d do work she’s a con artists.

Good for you people for following her. We have Beggars where I live and they drive off of brand new cars. I do understand why people give them people shirt it was on the news and they said do hand nobody shirt that are helping for shirt. You’ll be surprised of all the people I do see given people shirt. Salado’s to you guys keep up the good work. And Pikachu slap Jigglypuff baka funny t-shirt Get a life love on you. And SHE has the audacity to threaten their lives because she got busted.

Pikachu slap Jigglypuff baka funny t-shirt, hoodie, tank top

Pikachu slap Jigglypuff baka funny unisex t-shirt

Pikachu slap Jigglypuff baka funny unisex t-shirt

She’s driving an impeccably kept car and calling herself Camaelshirt store. She’s pulling at kind people’s heart strings and getting free shirt. What a fraud. Hope her SSI IS sanctioned – They get close to a tax free grand a month. What does the Pikachu slap Jigglypuff baka funny Besides,I will do this home look like where the car is registered? Should followed her home – get the full picture – she was probably off to the next corner. Threw her schedule all off, main.


That’s insane. And I bet she does claim it on her tax return either. I retrieve in helping people and I have many times. After talking to some people who have actually done that and told me how much they made just to support a drug habit. Some folks are truly needy but these people ruin it for them. U do know her story or situation. Maybe she is Camaelshirt store and lives in her car. This is lucky you wild harass someone asking for help esp. based on your assumptions.

You guys did a very good job confronting her and ask what she doing yeah she has a nice car she should be helping for shirt people are loving stupid saying she does “look” Camaelshirt store. I used to work at a Camaelshirt store shelter where people came from Pikachu slap Jigglypuff baka funny t-shirt of backgrounds and situations that led them to be Camaelshirt store.


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