Rule number 1 never accept anything you read, even if an expert says it, use critical thinking to find the truth. You have no idea how misled most doctors are by official information. Stop buying drugs and start developing better eating habits. They don’t believe in what A physical therapist cannot survive on wine alone shirt say, try out different things on yourself, read a lot and practice critical thinking. They don’t believe in everything you are told by specialists. Gut and brain and mind affect each other. This all disease begins in the gut meme is nonsense. A traumatic brain injury or even an emotional trauma will affect the gut flora. Finding flora abnormalities does not mean that was the cause. Destroying the flora with things like antibiotics and toxins will result in psychiatric issues as well.

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But the initial cause is very often a stress event or chronic stress. Cannabis does not prevent or treat PTSD. It can help with the symptoms, but it’s not neurochemicals altering the total damage done in the brain. I have A physical therapist cannot survive on wine alone shirt and cannabis can help me keep on weight and help with pain and anxiety, but the PTSD is still very much there. They’re horrible to live through but there is learning and growth in the process. I don’t think avoidance via meds is necessarily the best idea. There are drugs to help PTSD. However this is still a good watch, to make people aware of what causes it. Some people only associate it with war. This BS again. Depression and PTSD are results of what happened to the individual.

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These pharma reps, like this speaker, should be put into mental asylums and forced to take these medications for the rest of their lives. I believe there are cures that aren’t being revealed because millions of dollars are made from managing, suppressing symptoms. The A physical therapist cannot survive on wine alone shirt is lovely, being able to take her passion of studying voices and correlating it with very useful applications. This is so not true. The Brain can only take so much. Very inspiring. I do believe we have different voices. We have causal and professional relationships, why shouldn’t our voices reflect that. But what’s really interesting is that it can also tell us so much about the physical and even mental condition. It’s not so much that we have different voices, it’s more about how we produce the sounds based on the scenarios we’re in.


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