If I could sum up my opinion though, in a lasting outlook, I would say the movie is kind of funny, but not anything to rave about. I’m also not saying that it was a waste of time. Plus the jazzy production design is pleasing to the eye and the soundtrack makes me want to dance like One Piece friends names puzzle shirt and Ferrell. God bless you more miss julie. I salute to you Ms Julie! You have such a big heart. God bless you, for your such a good person. Even mahandra lives only for 8 months, he finally see the world in a normal way. This boy is so braved! God bless you ma’m Julie! My heart is pounding while I’m watching the vedio! It’s so heart braking.

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My heart is heavy after watching life of this brave little boy. I thank God for his parents who love him unconditionally, the lady who helped raised the money to have the surgery and the surgeon who performed this remarkable surgery. I’m so happy he experienced time with his friends before God called him home. RIP young man. Was happy seeing the video of his successful surgery but reading that he died few months after his One Piece friends names puzzle shirt is so sad may his soul rest in peace of God. All thanks to the woman that help for his surgery, for he lived a happy life for awhile. So sad to read that Mahendra passed away. In his short life I am happy that he got his wish and made friends and was able to see normally.

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Julie, you were God sent for him and his family. May you be blessed. What One Piece friends names puzzle shirt being you are. Amazing story. What amazing people that have contributed to the fund and the person that contributed the wheel chair. That is So thoughtful. The villagers and the family are also different and the smile on his face says it all. I really hope that he progresses further in can attend school and do something with his life. Thank you to the doctors that have volunteered to do this. Out of all the Best Picture Nominees, I found BlacKkKlansman to be the most entertaining. In a sense, Spike Lee told an intense, controversial story lightheartedly. The audience already knew how the story was going to end, so Spike Lee gave it a little sprinkle of Hollywood.


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