I felt like I was relying on the acting to maintain a pace. Unfortunately, as I stuck around for the resolution, I realized that all good things come to an end. The seemingly invincible main character will eventually bust and 50’s Italy will eventually transform into The Godfather, no matter the circumstances. All I’m saying is that the acting, direction, and production design were efficient enough to gift me some sort of motivation to finish the movie. Yet they simply weren’t enough to trap me in a state of awe during the final credits. The plot endured Oliver Queen you have failed this city vintage shirt in order to present the resolution. Which wasn’t necessarily decent enough to force a recommendation out of me. If anything, though. I think this is Matt Damon’s best performance of all time.

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I’m glad I can place a finger on his career. Yet I’m upset that I have too much prejudice to dodge the many flaws that this film couldn’t seem to surpass. I can’t ever watch a movie again if I was literally waiting for it to end. Lucas is a little bitch. He’s whiny and irrational. He’s not a hero like he’s portrayed to be. In my opinion. He’s a terribly written character who just asks for too much. He went all in for a really hot girl, and when she said no. He acted like she should have went out with him, even though he was 5”6 and Oliver Queen you have failed this city vintage shirt than her. Anyone knows in their right mind that it’s a dog-eat-dog world in high school. And although Lucas was somewhat aware of that. He had a strange mindset that he was one of the big dogs.

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As of now, I still don’t know what the purpose of this movie is. The ending isn’t even happy, which is uncommon in Oliver Queen you have failed this city vintage shirt teen movies. I still can’t quite figure out what Lucas’s deal is. He made stupid decisions and tried to get out of the social hierarchy he was built into. Not a single decision had a good outcome. Even though he expected them to. I’m not respecting him for perseverance because the guy was an outright idiot. He tried to join the football team at 5”6. When some either miraculous or ridiculous action allowed him on the field, his goofiness was exposed even more. He could never win, and if he just stayed in band class and banged Winona Ryder. He would’ve been fine.


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