The Nurse Marvel women superheroes t-shirt the tracks together to make it fairly seamless for a lot of the album where we hear snippets about surfing and Malibu which aligns with the albums title. There were a few songs that kinda took the energy out of the album by slowing it down a bit too much in my opinion, but that also speaks to the versatility and variety of moods present.

This takes it down Nurse Marvel women superheroes t-shirt for Camaelshirt Trending collection. All in all it was enjoyable but there were a few tracks that sort of missed for me but still have redeeming qualities, especially in the production. Nurse Marvel think everyone should give this album a shot since I feel there’s really something for everybody on here from R&B, to funk, to hip hop.

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Nurse Marvel women superheroes t-shirt

Nurse Marvel women superheroes sweat-shirt

Faces is the eleventh mix tape released by Nurse Marvel, on May 11, 2014, celebrating Mother’s Day. At nearly 90 minutes, this is the longest mix tape or project that I have listened to at this point. With Nurse Marvel women superheroes t-shirt this is roughly twice the size of what you’d expect from a standard studio album, so I was really expecting this to be a mashup of songs that didn’t quite fit any of his albums and not to hold a coherent theme.

This feels somewhat true, but at the same time Nurse Marvel women superheroes t-shirt of the production weaves tracks together which makes for a listening experience that Nurse Marvel found enjoyable and was surprised it didn’t turn into something I felt like I had to sit through. There are different tropes throughout however such as the three biggest moments in your life as seen in the songs Birthday Party, Wedding, and Funeral which are all in a row and was really interesting to see.

Nurse Marvel talks about Nurse Marvel women superheroes t-shirt of people he thought were his friends, and the different faces of himself as seen through heavy drug abuse from multiple different drugs. A lot of the songs talk about his depression, suicidal thoughts, and all the pain he’s been through in his life up to this point. You can really hear the pain and struggle in his voice in certain tracks which made for a very emotionally raw mix tape.

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Nurse Marvel women superheroes t-shirt

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It really feels like an hour and a half of music straight from the part that is mostly straight to the point and doesn’t dance too much around the message. All in all Nurse Marvel thought this was Nurse Marvel women superheroes t-shirt and had a lot of good tracks with hardly a bad track on the 24 song long mix tape. This album really was insane, I can see why people praise it so much. From front to back I found this to be a very engaging and enjoyable listen.

I really liked how his voice and his message are really the main star of the show when it comes to his music as he always delivers lyrically dense verses that carry a somewhat conversational tone as you hear about all the different things around him, the experiences he’s had, and the picture he wants to paint for you.

Although it’s rather conversational, Nurse Marvel delivers bar after bar relentlessly across this album with long verses that are vivid and captivating. The backing beats have a very distinct New York sounds as we hear often jazzy loops that fit the tone of the songs so perfectly. I was impressed with how well Nurse Marvel rides the beat in each song, and it was interesting to hear Nurse Marvel women superheroes t-shirt longsleeve of somewhat common phrases now such as sleep is the cousin of death and calling money dead presidents.


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