You have the Nurse Life all skin colors t-shirt but in fact I love this sweetest soul. Thank you for explaining yourself so well. You helped me to understand yourself and in a small way, my own autistic son. He is 10 and loves Big Hero 6 too. Keep trying to get better and listen to your Mom K. You’re doing fantastic.

This man has more of a handle on his awareness and abilities than most non autistic/non schizophrenic men I know. I am so impressed by his character and honesty. I hope he can someday quell those voices and hallucinations down to a hushed whisper. This helped me understand so much about his diagnoses and others with these mental health issues.

What an amazing brave man and beautiful family. THANK you Camaelshirt Trending, your interview was awesome. I am a mental health case manager. Many of the people I serve, often struggle with communicating their thoughts and feelings Nurse Life all skin colors t-shirt.

Nurse Life all skin colors t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Nurse Life all skin colors t-s unisex

Nurse Life all skin colors t-s unisex

Nurse Life all skin colors t-s longsleeve

Nurse Life all skin colors t-s longsleeve

Sometimes, because of interference from their symptoms, and sometimes because they are anxious about what other people may be thinking about them. Thank you. For speaking so openly. My dad is schizoaffective and he also suffers from a non-cancerous brain tumor that sits in his cerebral cortex.

I really feel happy when I hear what most people think about schizophrenia. My dad is and was an amazing father who taught me how to live and love in the Nurse Life all skin colors t-shirt but in fact I love this harshness of our world. He so smart and I truly understand him my son has autism I just want him to be understood.

I love my son with all my heart. I find him brilliant. He has insight to the world that most humans never will. I am glad he cheated death and I am believing his story will continue to change lives. You are special Camaelshirt Trending and there is a God who loves you. I think he’s actually seeing another detention.


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