Action movies nowadays are too nauseating when it comes to pure combat or car-chase scenes. In this instance, everything was in front of you. There were no camera tricks to blur your vision to Nurrse sign language in my veins Jesus in my heart shirt an action scene. Instead, the directors simply showed you everything that was going on- the character’s surroundings, the speed of things, the character’s actions. This is the most prominent in the iconic train chase scene I talked about earlier. If you never get around to watching this movie, at least look up the scene on YouTube. Like I said earlier, I didn’t pay much attention to the plot, for I was too busy immersing myself in the rawness of the movie. Without any CGI or unrealistic action sequences, this became a gritty crime saga.

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This movie is an example on how Nurrse sign language in my veins Jesus in my heart shirt isn’t always necessary to tell a good story. The more realistic a movie is, the more respectable it is. That’s why this won Best Picture. It sheds the bullshit that any modern blockbuster would have no choice but to attract. That’s what’s so great about 70’s movies. Before the time of CGI and opaque action sequences, there were real films. I highly recommend watching this, mainly for historic purposes. Now this is my kind of movie. It’s an intense version of a coming-of-age story. In fact, it actually has a plot. But, on top of that, it’s the film making techniques that I fell in love with. The film’s ratings were low because of the few techniques that didn’t work well, but I’d like to discuss the ones that I enjoyed.

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For starters, music was a huge contributor. The soundtrack was creative, playing songs of almost every decade throughout the film. Each song perfectly fit its scene, even if Nurrse sign language in my veins Jesus in my heart shirt or tone didn’t match what was going on. In most cases, this wouldn’t make sense, but whoever picked the music had the power to match pure sound of vocals with emotion, instead of the instrumentals. My favorite instances were when All the Young Dudes was played while some guy got pistol-whipped to death and when Space Oddity came on during the climax. All in all, the soundtrack of this movie is one of the best. That statement should make you want to watch this movie, considering I’ve watched over 600 other movies and haven’t said that about many other movies.


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