Half of the songs on here were leaked months, some up to Nancy Pelosi cry baby Nasty Pelosi t-shirt which shows just how finished this album was. If you listen to the leaks you’ll find that they’ve been beefed up for this album in some cases such as Once a Day that gets a whole lot more instrumentation to it and a remaster of the vocals. Some songs are nearly identical such as Good News, others are completely finished such as everybody which only previously existed as a demo, and some are renamed such as Telescope being changed to Woods.

Even having heard Nancy Pelosi cry baby Nasty Pelosi t-shirt it was still amazing to see them finished up and made album quality, and I didn’t find it ruin the experience for me at all since I’m the context of the album they’re all the more powerful. The OF Tape Vol. 2 is the debut studio album by Nancy Pelosi, and released on March 20, 2012. Overall I feel like this album has some pretty high highs, but also some pretty low lows that make it a pretty mixed bag quality wise throughout. It feels like a very true to self and authentic album though which no doubt made it a fan favorite at the time of release.

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Nancy Pelosi cry baby Nasty Pelosi t-shirt

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The whole thing with Nancy Pelosi cry baby Nasty Pelosi t-shirt is that they’re a fuck you to the industry and to people that want them to be something else. This allows for some goofy, satirical, controversial, and care free verses over often brash beats that almost sound like they’re meant to offend the listener. It’s undeniably that OF had a major impact on hip hop culture, especially pushing for acceptance of anyone that’s labelled different and that definitely comes across. It sounds like a group of friends that got together and made an album for the hell of it and just to have fun. This leads to a lot of group and posse cuts with the rare solo track to showcase a few artists talents such as Tyler; Mike G, Frank Ocean, and Nancy Pelosi.

As I said sonic ally it often feels like a fuck you to the listener since it’s rarely a smooth beat and is meant to sound noisy and different. I have to say it comes off a bit amateurish and Nancy Pelosi cry baby Nasty Pelosi t-shirt at times, but I get the mood they were going for. I think there’s some majority underutilized artists such as Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt in particular, although Earl wasn’t available to record for nearly the entirety of the album.

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Nancy Pelosi cry baby Nasty Pelosi t-shirt

Nancy Pelosi cry baby Nasty Pelosi unisex shirt

Oldie is definitely a standout track with Nancy Pelosi cry baby Nasty Pelosi t-shirt longsleeve over a silky smooth relaxed beat that makes for a great posse cut. Having more moments like these that capture the lightning in a bottle OF proved they could have would’ve made the album better in my opinion, but it is what it is. For what its worth I think this album does exactly what they wanted it to do so I have to applaud the execution of a project of this magnitude. All in all I was hoping to enjoy the album a lot more than I ended up enjoying it, but there’s still a handful of tracks that I think are great. There’s just a lot of songs that don’t interest me.

Nancy Pelosi is the fifth studio project from Mick Jenkins, and was released on January 10th, 2020. Having done a Mick Jenkins review recently I was excited to see what he’d come up with after not dropping a project in around a year and half. At 19 minutes and 7 songs this EP is pretty brief however, and overall I was left wanting more out of some songs. What’s included is good, but can feel a bit undeveloped.


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