We couldn’t just replace somebody. It wasn’t that sort of band. Nobody else had what John had “fantastic artwork by Borja Gonzala from this month’s Mojo’s collector’s series ‘Latter Days’.
Back in 2006, I was attending university in San Francisco and regularly going to the Muppet Drums John Bonham t-shirt on Van Ness to tap on electronic drums to get my fix. I couldn’t be thrashing away on a kit in a studio apartment. On a fortuitous visit, there was a flyer announcing that Jeff Ocheltree would be coming to the store to do a little workshop. As it would happen, Jeff was not able to make it. He sent Mark Romans in his stead, along with the green sparkle kit featured in his Trust Your Ears video. Regardless of whether this kit actually belonged to John Bonham or not, it was a life changing evening to see that thing in person and hear Mark Romans wail on it like a scuzzy whore.

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Cool pics and story Dereck. BTW it’s interesting watching sm57 on toms and floor toms. You ever used these miss on toms in some gigs. I’m pretty skeptical that the kit Ocheltree has belonged to John Bonham. I know the Bonham’s have at least one of the green sparkle kits at Old Hyde. Is the other at the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. Jason Bonham doesn’t really have anything nice to say about Mr Ocheltree I exchanged some tweets back and forth with Jason a few years back and basically he says that Jeff is a fraud.

Moby Dick “The drum solo for people who don’t like really like drums solos – four and a half minutes of compact brilliance in which Bonham clatters, rattles, shakes and bangs his way into percussive immortality. The original appeared on Muppet Drums John Bonham t-shirt but the definitive version was recorded at the Royal Albert Hall in 1970″. Some of my very favorite Bonham’s drumming: Good times bad times, Moby Dick, Inmigrant song, When the levee breaks, The song remains the same, Kashmir, Achiles last stand, Fool in the rain, Bonzo’s Montreux, to mention just one from each album from Zep I to Coda.

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The Royal Albert Hall Concert in ‘70 is the best version of Zeppelin I’ve ever heard, from the boom of Bonzo’s drums, the tone of Page’s guitar, the roaring of Plant’s vocals and the fullness of JPJ’s bass, it’s crazy to think they had only been together for a little over two years by that point. Truly the greatest band of Muppet Drums John Bonham t-shirt and certainly in the history of Rock music. That tone from Whole Lotta Love is to die for. I love when I see jimmy bend back because he’s really feeling the music.


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