I will admit there are flaws in this theory but I’m not a script writer nor the incredible D.B Weiss & David Benioff, so please don’t over analyse this. Additional note could Gendry also make lightbringer now his running the armoury at winterfel and has access to valyrian steel could also make him ​Azor Ahai. Making Mother Of Goldies Game Of Thrones shirt even more attractive the prince that was promised for the ultimate sacrifice.

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This is just my theory it’s definitely floored I’d happily admit that, however there may be elements that are not to far beyond the realistic possibilities of the GOT storyline that we already have seen. Either way it’s just an idea I wanted to share. Seriously made me want to vomit “she died in the arms of her one true love”, would have been better if he’d stabbed her before the building fell.

Cersei’s already betrayed Dany twice by lying about sending a fleet and then beheading Milli. Dany razed her home and squashed her like a cockroach while they tried to escape. Pretty .in’ cold way to disperse of your foe. The Clegane bowl was the only one worth watching in this episode. Cersei’s death is poetic – dying in the arms of her lover, but pretty anticlimactic. and here i am hoping Drogon would chomp her head off. but other than that I choose this episode over the long night.Paride Joel Thor how many times in life have you hoped that karma would do its job and it never did. Life is just as disappointing.

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Too bad she never wanted to murder innocent people. Everytime she tryed Mother Of Goldies Game Of Thrones shirt out it was upon her enemies. Flying to the Red Keep and burning Cersei would make sense. But the ENTIRE city. Nope. Too soon. She never showed signs of harming women and children. It wouldn’t matter if there were 24 episodes, people would still say it was rushed. It ended too quickly. Money runs out, ideas run out, stories end, shows end. I’m just loving what I get for as long as I get it. Then I’ll just have to rewatch it all over.


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