Poor guy? No. Don’t pity him. This is one of the worst character development stories I’ve ever seen, and on top of that, this movie is just downright outrageous. I just enjoyed this movie back in the day cos I had a childhood crush on Kerri Green. Rest of the review I agree. Another reason to watch it is to check Louise Belcher I can smell fear on you vintage shirt and Charlie’s early works. This will seem like a total Chick Flick during the first 15 minutes. Frankly, it is a Chick Flick, but each character is entertaining enough to go around. This is ironic mainly because the few lead male characters seem girlier than the girls themselves. In any other instance this would puzzle me, but in this case, I thought their counterparts brought out more humor in the girls.

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Each character’s individual quirks create not only humorous dialogue, but strong scenario comedy as well. I guess that’s what I liked about the movie. Every character was different, and when all in the same house together, their Louise Belcher I can smell fear on you vintage shirt when trying to solve problems. Kate McKinnon’s character was definitely the funniest, and even her background actions that went unnoticed by the mainstream beat whoever was trying to steal the show in the foreground. Of course the slapstick comedy failed, as it typically does, but the writing made up for the awkward physical failures of the already flawed characters. The cameos and sub characters also helped build the foundation, with roles from Bo Burnham.

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Eric Andre, and Ty Burrell. Overall this is a well-constructed comedy. It hit a lot of elements in the funny spectrum, and I was surprised at how much I liked the movie. Thanks to my girlfriend, I’ve already seen it twice. As stupid as this movie was, I still had a good time watching it. I honestly didn’t expect much, knowing it was Louise Belcher I can smell fear on you vintage shirt movie, yet it had the iconic head bobbing scenes. Those were classic. The movie made no logical sense, but those few scenes kept me in the game. Otherwise, there were a lot of potentially funny scenes that simply fell flat. With a built cast and characters already written to generate tons of comedy, I was quite surprised at how un-funny it was. Don’t get me wrong.


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