Someone who loved me, telling me Is this jolly enough Grinch Christmas shirt that I need to quit blaming other people for my own issues or telling me to stop complaining about things I can change or work on in my life, I may ,and have. Become upset about it but them just giving me that advice is not them abandoning me. It is just a conversation when I do it with others. Interestingly the person who complained the most in my life was my own spouse lol.

I noticed it early in our Is this jolly enough Grinch Christmas shirt but he got worse and worse with it until I had to have a series of conversations with him about the complaining over the years.

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I set boundaries and would ask for him to stop the complaints. And would give advice about how he could resolve most of the complaints himself. He got upset at me a few times, but we’ve been together almost 20 years now. And have a very tight bond and he doesn’t complain a lot today like he used to. Not only was it difficult for my own mental health dealing with it. But it negatively impacted our family and it needed to decrease. It has. He’s had his own Is this jolly enough Grinch Christmas shirt with things I do that negatively affected him, which he told me about and I to this day ensure I decrease so he can exist in a positive atmosphere in our home.

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Just as this woman and myself need to be aware of others psychological well beings, other people need to be aware of ours and having people in your life constantly bringing negative energy to your presence is not helpful for either person, so it is best to be honest about it and try to decrease the positivity. If they truly care about the friendship or relationship they will listen IMO and attempt to resolve the issue and not dig deeper into themselves and their feelings exclusively or think someone is abandoning them.

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Especially if this is a longstanding friendship or relationship or close family member. She didn’t indicate she’d abandon someone. For things out of their Is this jolly enough Grinch Christmas shirt in the piece. Only that she sets boundaries and recognizes the fact that other people’s issues can affect her own energy. So it often comes down to whose mental health in particular is the most important in your life. Yours or other people’s who you care about. For me it is my own.

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I cannot help loved ones if I’m negatively impacted by their toxicity. I enjoyed reading about your journey and the success you’ve had. It’s evident that a lot of hard work and introspection took place to effect a positive change. It takes a high level of emotional intelligence to be able to not only manage your emotions, but the emotions of others. I’m impressed that you did that with the important people in your life, and even more so with your husband.


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