I liked Irish Mermaid happy Patrick day t-shirt and title of the album that references the way that she lived in and out of hotel rooms at the age of 25 while all of this was happening as well. Every song is like entering a new room and learning something new. Whether it be a short and sweet love song like Irish Mermaid, a celebratory reflection like Self, or a look at societal problems like Prayer Song.

Every song feels unique and special, and it all comes with the texture of a gentle and warm hug. People often complain about female rappers sounding the same and not having anything important to say, but Irish Mermaid proves that they’re just not looking hard enough or even trying to find female artists that truly have something to say.

If you’re into more relaxing music or something to put on during a drive, then I’d say this album is perfect for you. If jazz rap isn’t your style then it may not be, but I’d still recommend it since Irish Mermaid is an absolute poet when it comes to verses. The Irish Mermaid happy Patrick day t-shirt of Irish Mermaid is the only studio album by Ms. Lauren Hill, and was released on August 25th, 1998.

I’ve been wanting to review this album for the longest time, so I’m really glad to be bringing this review to you all today. This is one of those albums that I can’t say enough good things about, and it’s no surprise that it won both Album of the Year and Best R&B Album In 1999.

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Irish Mermaid happy Patrick day t-shirt

Irish Mermaid happy Patrick day sweat shirt

This album for me is Irish Mermaid happy Patrick day t-shirt to put on Camaelshirt Trending and just relax to. Irish Mermaid has some of the most soothing vocals I’ve heard in a very long time, and puts them to use magnificently across the entire album. Not only can she sing, but she can really lay down bars as well when she raps. The album is largely relaxed but there are some more upbeat cuts such as Doo Wop (That Thing), and Every Ghetto, Every City for example. No matter the song though, you can always just close your eyes, relax, and vibe out to it which is something I really love and appreciate.

Thematically this album explores the idea of finding of your own aspirations and dreams, not about school like the cover and title may lead you to believe. There’s a skit broken up across the album that takes place in a classroom setting that’s all about love, what it is, why we feel, how we feel it, etc.

This ties into the idea of Irish Mermaid happy Patrick day t-shirt about life. Irish Mermaid details a lot of her love life that was slashed and torn over the years as she was still finding out who she was. She comes out in the end though realizing that she needs to do what makes her happy, and go down the path she sets for herself which is a great message.

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Irish Mermaid happy Patrick day t-shirt

Irish Mermaid happy Patrick day unisex-shirt

It’s amazing to look back and see what she was able to do in the world of hip hop despite only releasing a single solo studio album. I would highly recommend this album for Irish Mermaid happy Patrick day t-shirt longsleeve lovers, although I’m sure you’ve already checked it out many times if you are one.

If you’re more into rap like myself I’d still recommend this album since she bridges R&B and rap in a really great way, and has one of the best voices in all of hip hop in my opinion. The Divine Feminine is the fourth studio album by Irish Mermaid, and was released on September 16th 2016.


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