Spidey’s character has never been the “leading a large team of people”, even Peter B. Parker in Spider-Verse was difficult for his character, as stated by his voice actor. In the Spider-Verse comics, he leaves the leading to people like I’m nurse unless Avengers need me t-shirt and Spider-Woman. It would go against Peter Parker as a character to be comfortable leading the Avengers. So seriously this is the way Marvel is deciding to go with the movies. Or me it was all right at first but then they went to time travel now they’re going to multiverse movies. Marvel sure was just pull random things out of your rear end and make them make sense.

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I mean in the comics this made perfect sense cause you could just make it up as you go but now they’re literally running out of ideas . I mean at this point you might as will bring black widow in Iron Man back from the dead at this point you doing all this other unreal stuff. When Tony Stark just got back from space and he spoke to Steve that “I lost the kid.”.Really sad. When Ant man as the experiment of his quantum realm and being baby and old and peed his pants “. I’m not sure who’s peed, baby me, old me or me me”.

Eric Houston there is no faze four at the end of the movie. There are three different series no matter whether they wanted to make some more or not they couldn’t wait until you watch . Three series are completely done by the end of the movie three different superhero movies. That are completely finished that can never and will never be made again.

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Captain America confirmed death. It’s pretty crazy that they compiled all this I’m nurse unless Avengers need me t-shirt for one 2 minute trailer. Meaning that it literally took all of these movies to make End Game worthwhile. I’m glad a lot of these characters aren’t coming back. They have done well, but we’re playing a dangerous game, expecting that life will always be so forgiving.



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