While my hype levels are probably best described as cautiously optimistic right now. These kinds of Im not short Im baby Yoda size Star Wars t-shirt tend to click my excitement up a notch. Love the classic of the first one especially. Under a month to go now until the final instalment in a trilogy of trilogies over 4 decades in the making and it looks like the STAR WARS marketing machine is starting to crank into gear with the release of a couple of sweet looking posters.

I did my original Last Jedi review straight out of the theater after watching it once. Since then I’ve realized I need to watch most movies more than once before genuinely writing a review. I’ve watched this movie three times now and I don’t like it one bit. My biggest issues are Ryan Johnson throwing away plot points that JJ Abrams set up, inability to subvert expectations for the better and just characters being written stupidly.

I thought I loved this movie when I first watched it but wow after rewatching it a couple times, I realize how terrible it is. The Force Awakens was a good as Im not short Im baby Yoda size Star Wars t-shirt into this new trilogy and set up so many narrative opportunities but Ryan Johnson essentially takes those opportunities and just throws them in the garbage and lights it on fire. Rey’s parents don’t matter. Snoke doesn’t matter; let’s kill him off. Captain Phasma doesn’t matter either.

Im not short Im baby Yoda size Star Wars t-shirt, sweatshirt, longsleeve

Im not short Im baby Yoda size Star Wars sweatshirt

Im not short Im baby Yoda size Star Wars sweatshirt

Every time you think the movie will really surprise you and give you something you’re not expecting, it reverts back to exactly what no one wanted. The scene where Kylo and Rey fight Snoke’s guards is probably the second most beautiful scene in this entire movie. After all that chemistry throughout this movie between Kylo and Im not short Im baby Yoda size Star Wars t-shirt Snoke dies, freeing Kylo, they still fight instead of joining forces is kind of sad. The trilogy could have been taken to a new place if that had happened. There’s so much more I can say but I’ll cut it short.

This goes back to that last paragraph a bit. This movie is not subversive. It’s simply unsatisfying. You come out of the movie not really knowing more than you went in with. You know nothing about Snoke, Captain Phasma and Rey’s parents. There’s little to no character development for our three supposedly main characters, Rey, Finn and Poe.

Our main character essentially becomes Kylo Ren as he grows the most emotionally but also because he shows the most emotion. Kylo’s failure is visibly noticeable in the final scenes of that movie whereas with a good majority of the rebel alliance dead, the remaining rebels seems to be enjoying their day. Towards Im not short Im baby Yoda size Star Wars longsleeve on that salt planet, Finn seems like he’s going to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Finn in these past two movies has shown no real noble qualities. He is selfish and wants nothing but to escape this war.

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Im not short Im baby Yoda size Star Wars hoodie

So when he attempts to sacrifice himself to protect everyone else, it is bitter sweet because while we don’t want him to die we are proud in a way of his noble act. Until Rose plows into him allowing the large laser beam to kill many rebel soldiers in the process and then very surprisingly kisses him? While Im not short Im baby Yoda size Star Wars t-shirt often in movies, the noble act is more important than the intention. This is simply unsatisfying. We don’t get to see Finn grow and it is further solidified that Rose Tico as a character is poorly written.

This is the paragraph where I rant about Rose being stupid. I can tell Ryan Johnson was trying evoke a sort of an infinity war “we don’t trade lives” moment with that last scene between Rose and Finn but it doesn’t come off that way. Throughout Infinity War, that line was made evident and it reflects Cap and gang’s ideologies and serves as a direct foil to Thanos’ ideologies.


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