The attempt at morality failed and the emotional tract was too shallow to respect. If the plot & concept made simple sense and connected, then I would actually recommend this movie. Unfortunately, the character development failed and so did the plot as a whole, so the film was a movie buff’s nightmare. But enough of all that critical bullshit, you want my honest opinion. The Emoji Movie deserves higher than I’m a mom honey great grandma nothing beats me t-shirt and an Imdb 1.7. I was impressed at how watchable the film was. I hated what it stood for and how harmful it is on the younger generation, but if anything, it was definitely entertaining. Don’t take your kids to see this, though, because America’s smartphone problem is already getting out of hand.

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I don’t think the film should have been made. It’s a shame that our nation’s children wanted to see this. If you’ve noticed any patterns in my reviews, it’s that I despise 3-hour-long movies. Yeah, there’s a handful of these long movies that I love, but I tend to dread watching movies in general again after I have to sit through these over-extended films. I’ve never really liked movies of the historical genre, so the fact that The Patriot was long and drawn out was what irritated me. For starters, Heath Ledger’s character didn’t necessarily belong in the movie. To be honest, his character wasted about I’m a mom honey great grandma nothing beats me t-shirt of the movie when in fact his character didn’t add much to the already clustered plot line.

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I found that I’m a mom honey great grandma nothing beats me t-shirt were irrelevant to the story. Their intentions of comedic relief or drama addition were generally unnecessary and ineffective. Most of the battle scenes and quarrels were generally relevant. I had trouble piecing characters together and analyzing their purposes in the film. Mel Gibson’s character was poorly written, for his motives were always unclear. His consciousness didn’t seem to affect his actions. He was unreliable and didn’t draw any emotional attachment out of me. To be honest, I wouldn’t have cared if he died, because I would have been happy that the movie was over. But this is one of the most unrealistic historical movies. I have ever seen. He could never seem to make his way towards death.


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