Mary Anne is a friend of mine in Oregon was a teacher for autistic students. K-12 public school. Up at 4am and not finished until 7pm. At least. The school day itself was nonstop. I visited the classroom one day and while I knew the work was hard, I had no idea. It was intense. I left a I’m done teaching I’m going to defend Winterfell shirt and I was only a visitor. They dropped so much money on supplies and extra, too. I couldn’t do it. Your daughter is awesome.

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Terry Filipowicz well thank you.. I’m sure she isn’t alone but she does amaze me as I couldn’t do it either. She recently got her Masters and moved up a bit. Her kids are only in 1st,2nd and 3rd grade so she is a busy little mama and wife as well. I’m exhausted ? thinking about it. She sure does love her job though.

Such a nice gesture to the unfortunate lives of teachers these days. As a fellow teacher, it makes me so sad that school budgets for administration to get paid ridiculous amounts of $, yet there is not enough money in the budget to buy materials for the children.

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Our neighbor taught 3rd grade in a low-income district for years. We would buy composition books, pencils, art supplies, etc. at store sales and online. What a great I’m done teaching I’m going to defend Winterfell shirt gift. The kids would send us the sweetest thank you gift. Starting this year, teachers get no tax credit for buying supplies. I love the idea of adopt-a-classroom. The donor in this situation set up a website to connect teachers with donors. Butcher fully agree I work in a trade union have no college education and dropped out (GED).

Have only just started the tip and am over 50k annually with top outs in the 70k-80k. range. And this is an easy trade. I know a lot of people who went to college to only be making less money than me currently and dont even work in fields they studied in.


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