Shark fin, tiger penis, rhino horn, duck embryo, bull ball soup, monkey brain, snake blood, caterpillar fungus, bird nest saliva, haggish eel, dog meat, oysters. Probably the single most disgusting, heartbreaking ignorant thing that stupid, superstitious. Moran’s are doing to destroy animal populations and that is really saying something, given just how many ignorant and terrible things we are doing to nature. This is one I think I could take human life over. I am so tired of American It’s hard being the coolest sibling shirt Canadian culture of ignorance provoked by their media. Last 5 years I signed hundreds of petitions for protection of wolves, seals, whales, white bears, against marine parks, not to mention violence and euthanasia of the stray dogs.

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Hunting etc coming from the official institutions of the North American Continent, and people. There still think East is the only area guilty for the extinction. Nobody saw the projection of almost extinct species on the wall of the building of It’s hard being the coolest sibling shirt as a warning to all of us. Educating the ignorant is the best hope to stop these barbaric, inhumane acts. As more and more people learn about these practices, public shaming can become a powerful force to stop it. The oceans and lands are becoming decimated while waiting for the corrupt governments to put a stop to this insanity. We certainly need to encourage good, thoughtful balanced stewardship of our world.

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Realize there are multiple billions of us upon this world and we need our other beautiful creatures to survive. Sadly, Yes it’s It’s hard being the coolest sibling shirt I think that the numbers being presented are not accurate and the pictures are extreme and made to present it in the worst possible light. There is a huge movement to stop it. Many restaurants and hotels now refuse to serve it. The closest thing that I can describe to it is fox hunting. The debate at the time was all about cultural significance, but over time, attitudes have changed to recognize. It is was a cruel practice. The young people in Hong Kong are significantly changing their attitudes. I wouldn’t be surprised if this disappeared over the next 5-10 years.


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