But in socialism, it’s not given. It’s forced. Doesn’t feel nearly as nice and it means there’s less money for charity. And we all know the government is Gunther Friends oh dark mother shirt efficient with their money. Charities spend way less on admin and more of the money goes where it’s needed. Also, when charities spend too much on admin, people will pass them up and give to a better charity. So, the choice of where to give ensures that most of the money goes to where it’s needed. Who gives a shit if charity makes the middle class and the wealthy “feel good” or “nearly as nice”. All that matters is that the poor get cared for and that the overall standard of living gets raised. If the less fortunate were cared for by tax money.

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Then the need for charities would in turn be far lower. Charities only exist to make up for what the government doesn’t provide. If the government provides these things, then charities have no need to be established in the first place. The choice of where people give their money is BS. People give their money to hate groups and politicians that advocate for these groups. People spend their money with businesses that give money to these hate groups Gunther Friends oh dark mother shirt because they support hate groups. On top of this many of these so-called charities don’t even allocate the money they receive to their self-proclaimed missions. Does it not register in your mind that taxes are what pay for the welfare.

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Take the Wounded Warrior Project for example: under Gunther Friends oh dark mother shirt of the proceeds they receive actually go towards assisting wounded veterans and their families. Take Autism Speaks as well. Under five percent of their proceeds actually go towards research and aid. Where does the rest of it go, you may ask. Advertising campaigns and payoffs in the form of bonuses. I’m all for helping the less fortunate, but not to make me feel good about myself. I believe in helping the less fortunate because it’s the right thing to do. It seems like in today’s world even that doesn’t seem to carry much merit anymore. Mike Williams How stupid are you people, I mean, really.


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