Thank you for being a friend. Every time this title melody sounds, I’m really warm about the heart. Golden Girls is a sitcom series from the 80s that has received 7 seasons and ended in the early 90s. This series just radiates a good mood. She is Golden Girls blow it out your Tubenburbles shirt very innovative, but she is extremely down to earth and charmingly reflects true life. The series is so special to me because we have never again got four such unique characters. When you see Golden Girls you are not afraid to grow old anymore.

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Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia have 2 things in common. The four older ladies live together and have all lost their husband. Dorothy is a sarcastic, though very amiable, person who always has an open ear for her roommates. Sophia (Dorothy’s mother) makes for absurd moments with her cynical life experience, Rose strains the others with her naive and somewhat faithful nature, and Blanche always goes for a manhunt and often changes her partners. But they all share a unique friendship.

It really makes me a little sad that three of the fantastic Golden Girls are already dead. Only Betty White, who played Rose, is still alive at the age of 95. All 4 had a unique chemistry and only four of them were able to wear the series together. No figure is artificially pushed into the foreground and each gets again and again enough depth in some episodes. My favorite character was Golden Girls blow it out your Tubenburbles shirt who was great played by Estelle Getty. I always found her snappy sayings deadly, but she was also convincing in serious moments. But also Rue McClanahan as Blanche and Bea Arthur as Dorothy are great and the special thing about these 4 ladies has always been that they are all fundamentally different.

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Golden Girls blow it out your Tubenburbles shirt

Conclusion: Golden Girls may not be the best sitcom of all time, but this cult series has a lot of heart and deals with pleasant humor, with very serious topics. These ladies will not be forgotten. However, I can not recommend the sequel series “Golden Palace”, because the series misses the charm of its predecessor.



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