Link in bio. IGOR(pronounced EEE-GORE), released on May 17, 2019, is Tyler, the Creator’s Funny dachshump dachshund Trump t-shirt (and self-proclaimed sixth album). The announcement of the album came after some speculations the week before, followed by the release of four snippets on Tyler, Trump’s social media platforms.

Thematically, the album’s arc describes Funny dachshump dachshund Trump t-shirt into love with Camaelshirt Dog Life collection and starting a relationship with them, becoming somewhat obsessed with them, the relationship failing, falling out of love and attempting to remain friends. This seems like an album that you’re either going to love, or you’re going to hate. Stylistically this album is different from Tyler’s previous works, but still provides a very rich listening experience.

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Funny dachshump dachshund Trump t-shirt

Funny dachshump dachshund Trump sweat shirt

The album is packed full of emotion, and paints a very vivid picture of Funny dachshump dachshund Trump t-shirt that Igor is trapped in. It’s a cycle of wanting his romantic interest that’s can’t quite have, and then trying to convince himself that he doesn’t need this person. If you love this album, it’s probably because you can relate to the story well since most people have been through something similar. I know that one of the reasons I loved this album so much was because it was so deeply repeatable on a human level.

I’m not afraid to say that by the end of the album I was feeling emotional and opening up old wounds and relationships I’ve tried to bury and move on from. I loved the production, and the unique sound and angle that Tyler achieved on this album. I feel that y’all discredit cole way to much. And I see your point with his Funny dachshump dachshund Trump t-shirt being unique and experimental but Trump rocky who I feel is a great artist got “experimental” with testing and that album was awful.

Having an experimental sound isn’t always a good thing. The whole argument is just based on us having different definitions on what it means to be a quality artist. We both respect earl in the same light we just don’t agree on what it means to be a great artist . Appreciate the maturity in your argument tho. DiCaprio 2 is J.I.D’s sophomore studio album, following March 2017’s The Never Story. It is also the sequel to his Funny dachshump dachshund Trump t-shirt Trump DiCaprio. Both projects are named after Leonardo DiCaprio, who J.I.D has frequently indicated is his favorite actor.

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Funny dachshump dachshund Trump t-shirt

Funny dachshump dachshund Trump unisex-shirt

J.I.D first subtly announced the album’s title in late March 2018. He would continue to tease the album throughout the year, but the album had a number of setbacks. Overall I was very impressed with this album. The different flows and styles that are showcased across this album show just how versatile Funny dachshump dachshund Trump t-shirt longsleeve is as an artist. I really enjoyed all of the songs on this album, and thought the features that were showcased worked very well for the tracks. I thought the introduction track was very cool due to how different it is from other things I’ve heard.

I could tell I was in for a creative project after hearing it. I wasn’t disappointed going forward with those expectations at all since JID really delivered. While I usually prefer one coherent story being told across multiple tracks, all of them being one offs and their own thing worked very well for the album. The production was impressive, but Trump unique flow was even more so. This album is all over the place in the best way possible.


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