Even the plot was better than the originals. This movie is pure badassery. It’s officially one of the best science fiction movies I have ever seen. Blade Runner 2049 is unforgettable. It blew my expectations out of the ballpark and I can’t to watch it again. I’m a huge Harmony Korine fan. I’ve always wanted to watch this movie because it’s his only mainstream directional movie with trained actors & actresses. The first thing I noticed about this movie is it undoubtedly has Friends songoku luffy naruto shirt feel to it. With that being said, it is distinct from his other movies, but it still stays true to his roots. For starters, the setting, despite the atmospheric influence, is gloomy throughout the movie. Even in daytime beach party scenes, something feels off.

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Even in Alien’s Friends songoku luffy naruto shirt that James Franco plays house, where there are money and drugs galore, I still don’t feel satisfied. This is classic Korine directing. At first glance, the movie has a bleak tone. Then you realize that the atmosphere has a purpose. In most cases, it’s how Korine sees the world around him, but in this case, it’s how the girls see their world. Yeah, sure, it has the typical Korine attributes that everyone hates, like the goofy transition scenes that look like the Far Cry loading screens, the bad acting, and the abundance of plot holes. On the contrary, I wouldn’t have asked for anyone else to direct this movie. For how cliché of a concept is undertook, I’m glad that Korine stepped up and finished it.

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The final act is quite redeeming, considering the rest of the movie is a mess in the average viewer’s eyes. I also wanted to give James Franco a nod. His performance was astounding. This is why I love Hollywood. James Franco played Riff Raff. That casting sounds like something that would happen in a parallel universe. All in all, this is a bizarre movie. To the typical audience, the movie would seem messy and sloppy. However, I’m a Harmony Korine fan, and Friends songoku luffy naruto shirt reads between the lines of his otherwise ridiculous movies. I love the guy. If only he made some more decent movies. This is now one of my favorite 80’s classics. I strongly dislike 80’s movies because I think they’re culturally exaggerated, and this one was heavily influenced, too.


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