I think this is captured best in the first ten tracks which describe Free Punch One Punch Man 2020 t-shirt from the perspective of the Las Vegas shooter, to digging up his dads dead body just to spit in his face, to taking on the persona of a literal monster. While I think there’s better albums out there if you’re looking for a horror themed album such as clipping’s There Existed an Addiction to Blood, this album does a good job of staying on topic and delivery classic Eminem bars and flows that are catchy and fun to listen to.

Production wise this album ranges from pretty fantastic with songs like Punch Man and Godzilla to pretty bland and soul sucking like Stepdad. This Free Punch One Punch Man 2020 t-shirt has pretty high on Camaelshirt Funny. Stepdad features the completely soul sucking hook of “I hate my stepdad / so tonight I’m saying bye bye stepdad” over an obnoxious and overtly angst y guitar heavy riff. Bad hooks don’t stop there though since Marsh also contains one of the worst Em hooks I’ve ever heard and putting these songs next to each other rally exaggerates how bad these songs are.

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Free Punch One Punch Man 2020 t-shirt

Free Punch One Punch Man 2020 sweat-shirt

There’s a lot of positives to this album though, but sense Em is such Free Punch One Punch Man 2020 t-shirt it looks like this is either an album you love because you’re a fan or you think is boring and dislike because you dislike Eminem. All in all as neither a fan nor someone who dislikes Em this album makes for a good front to back listen due to how many tracks are truly fun and interesting, but there’s definitely some skips for the low end songs and some of the more mid level that I don’t see myself listening to often.

I had similar feelings towards this album, I enjoyed it but I would be lying if I said that there wasn’t any flaws, because there is. Towards the middle section it starts to trail off, but gets back on track towards and most of the hooks Em would sing was grating.

He should have other people do his hooks, except on Darkness. That track was fire. But No Regrets is honestly one of my Free Punch One Punch Man 2020 t-shirt from the album, it was a breath of fresh air from Punch Man. Also, You Gon’ Learn and Darkness are top 3 from the album. Circles is the 6th and final studio album by Mac Miller, and was released posthumously on January 17th, 2020.

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Free Punch One Punch Man 2020 t-shirt

Free Punch One Punch Man 2020 unisex-shirt

Overall this is Free Punch One Punch Man 2020 t-shirt longsleeve of art that evokes strong emotions with each listen, and provides a sense of peace and closure for his fans everywhere while still being appealing to those that weren’t. I really don’t know where to start with this because there’s so much to unpack. This album is meant to be a companion to swimming which completes the idea of Swimming in Circles. Like Swimming this album is another stab at making music for himself as a means of expression since keeping the thoughts alone in his head only made him lonelier as expressed across this album and Swimming.

A lot of the same ideas on Swimming are on here such as struggles with mental health and more specifically depression. What you’ll notice though is that there’s nothing inherently sad about the songs on here, but the way Mac presents his ideas are so human and relatable that you unconsciously attached your own personal thoughts to them showing how masterfully he creates a personal yet universal experience.


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