This made me cry. And also appreciate Wayne Doyle who took time out of his already booked schedule to teach me fractions in high school because the school system had bumped me up too many levels when I moved states and I never learned them in elementary school. Wayne, I am so incredibly grateful for your generosity. I can’t say I’m a math whiz now, but I can say I never would have been able to get a Floral the Godmother shirt or a job at Nike World Headquarters had you not taken that time to teach me. So thank you sir, you truly have made a difference in so many lives. Forever grateful.

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My daughter is dyslexic. She goes to a special class and her teacher is amazing. In just a few weeks she brought her math and reading grades up from the 30’s to the 70’s. My daughter avoided reading because it was so hard for her and now she loves it and reads everything she can get her hands on. She’s stopped asking me to read to her and instead read WITH her. I help her with the harder words and she reads the rest all by herself. It’s been a.azing to see the change. Thank you to all teachers that go the extra mile to help those children who are struggling. You are amazing.

Thank you for sharing your story. I am a teacher, yet even more importantly, a mom of a son with dyslexia struggles. He made it through schooling and now is following his passion of farming and excavation. Keep in touch with your teacher, we still love you after our time together has passed.

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How many times have we heard this Floral the Godmother shirt about how an amazing teacher in a student’s life rocked their world and changed their course forever. It stands in such stark opposition to the way that teachers are typically paid, valued, and talked about in mainstream society. Thank goodness for teachers, and thank goodness that they put in the time and do the work even when they’re not appreciated as they should be. Not one teacher I know is in it for the praise, but they deserve it.



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