A baby smiling at me on the bus. The beautiful fall foliage I get to see on my commute. And though it’s not for everyone, my faith in God and belief that he recognizes my efforts. If you don’t think positively, the joy from these little things will pass you by.and that’d be a shame.

I agree so much. I moved 5 hours away from Elf Santa Kevin friends Christmas t-shirt and went to college when I was 16 and I have financially supported myself 100%. I have had the opportunity to travel to 7 countries in the past 4 years. I’ve had 2 jobs at almost all times, but I don’t dread my life, and I don’t live off of my parents money ,or anyone’s, for that matter.

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I understand that people with families have it a lot harder than that, but happiness is a decision. Make time to do what you love, have an Santa Kevin Christmas shirt outside of work, save money,even if it takes years, to do something special, and keep a positive attitude,if at all possible, you don’t have to be middle class or rich to enjoy life. To have an enjoyable life you must have a pleasant mindset and discipline. Just my two sense.

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That could be true. But when we have children like you, our Santa Kevin friends Christmas shirt are filled with joy and purpose. We may still have to work but we have a life outside of that. And if you work hard and save well, you can retire early and go outside again whenever you want. I didn’t say you don’t go outside until you’re old. I said you can go out whenever you want when you’re retired. And with your concept of old age, maybe you’ll be lucky and die before you get old. Seriously. You have tunnel vision. Families do have fun camping, biking, hiking, etc.

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Was your childhood so very blah. This makes me sad and I hope he has SOMEONE who can show him this is not all there is. My kid is 17 – getting ready to head out into the world with the motto work hard – play hard and give back often – there is plenty of room for it all if you manage it well. What a tragic way to view one’s future. Yes, being an adult is difficult and sucks sometimes, but the key is to get your Elf Santa Kevin friends Christmas t-shirt straight. I make the time to do all of the many things I love instead of spending all of my time focusing on work.

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I work very hard, but I prioritize my family and fun over making a buck any day. So you can’t get an education or make changes in your life. You can’t go find another Elf Santa Kevin friends Christmas t-shirt or start your own business. Victim types will always make excuses to fail while the empowered types will succeed even with the fewest advantages. I did get an education.

I have continuously worked up to be in a better job position. But I still work and struggle, and I usually need a second job. And no where did I say that it was me that I was talking about actually. I definitely was not playing victim. I just aspire to be able to live a life that isn’t consumed by working until I die. But in reality, most people who have that lifestyle are lucky. Parents who help, family money.


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