House plants are life. Sexual oppression of woman is much deeper than a simple anatomical misunderstanding. It is a cultural and religious control on woman. Absolutely right. Thanks Lina for sharing. They are not being completely accurate about how many teenage girls can be pregnant with intact hymens, not to get graphic but yes it is entirely possible, talk to your kids.  I did not know Eastern champs jurrasic park shirt and weren´t very concerned since Finnish culture is not so interested, but in health care professions that work among other cultures is very important info. Practical feminist information, thank you. I had a vaginal birth but after a 6 months without my husband, due to work, I bleed and had pain.

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The doctor said there are pieces of my hymen left and that they fix themselves after a while.  It’s not something that comes of it’s a flap of skin grown together and it brakes apart. If you’re pregnant you’re not a virgin. So much dumb information from fat Earthier. These women doctors or just someone talking to get attention. They are not just the Middle East. There are a lot of Eastern champs jurrasic park shirt that oppress woman with these bus myth. It even happens in western society as well just not on such an extreme scale as other places. In America we have those evangelicals who give their daughters purity rings and force them to promise to remain virgins till marriage. This still happens in some cultures.

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I hope that one day no woman has to suffer this and can have a life free from this medieval BS as I was lucky enough to experience, it doesn’t happen in every culture or historical decade though as stated in this talk, hymens were never a part of my sexual life. If it can change in the Eastern champs jurrasic park shirt then hopefully everywhere. Science is wonderful for disproving harmful myths. Hopefully this information will spread and propel cultural and religious change. Pity we didn’t know this much earlier in human history. Think about all the women who would have been saved from shame and both physical and mental harm if we understood this much sooner. This is very interesting. You know that every smartphone has an app called calculator. It is very interesting.


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