Beautiful music as usual Guess why I am watching this video over and over again. It’s not only because of the Dragon from your ashes Pride t-shirt Apart from…,I will love this music. Du bits der beset Therapist. I dance with you. In my dreams. You are the best Therapist I want to be winked at by him. Oh. He plays cello really well too. What a guy. I’m looking forward to see your amazing concert, from my little cottage in the Netherlands. You are fantastic Cellist and great person this guy is phenomenal. Watch as he shares his compassionate emotions through his music. Enjoy. Looking forward to it.

I will be clandestinely listening with my Bluetooth ear buds at the hospital where I work as a nurse. It will help me get through my first day back after Dragon from your ashes Pride t-shirt off due to illness, and your beautiful music will boost my immunity. From the not so great right now Washington, DC. Thank you for your amazing performances, I have loved listening to your magical music. I so look forward to being in your audience tomorrow. What a generous young man to share your talent in such a trying time we are all experiencing at the moment. You bring such joy.

Dragon from your ashes Pride t-shirt, hoodie, tank top

Your music refreshes the Dragon from your ashes Pride t-shirt Apart from…,I will love this mind and body. You are so talented and we feel your love for your music. It’s that love that makes it so beautiful. Thank toucan’s wait till Monday. I’m very grateful for being a part of your greatest gift. It feels like spreading the happiness, love and hope, and healing the world and people. Thank you for your supernatural talent, beautiful soul, personality and generous heart. There is a great love for you. Stay safe and well. Can’t wait.

I should have seen you in Budapest Dragon from your ashes Pride t-shirt but this will be awesome too. Thank you. I will be at home with these beautiful flowers outside to look at on a rainy day. Your music will be playing in my living room from Northern NJ near Warwick NY. WIIL WATCHING FROM PORTUGAL. Thank You VERY Much HAUSER. So this will be 3am on Tuesday in Australia. I will get up for this, but hope it will also be available later. I also just found Hauser I love his music. His face lights up as he plays the emotion he shows. Looking forward to you concert from South Australia your just unbelievable with your music.

Dragon from your ashes Pride t-shirt, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

Dragon from your ashes Pride unisex t-shirt

Dragon from your ashes Pride unisex t-shirt

I do have any music shops to purchase your cods where I live the nearest one would be Dragon from your ashes Pride t-shirt from me you brighten my day thank you. Waiting for this wonderful concert, the beauty of what you create captivates the hearts of many of us here HAUSER you are a gift for these hard times Thank you Combined with his expressions, romantic heart and amazing Cello playing, steepen is more than worth the time to listen to 16 of his classics.

Love from Australia. Good morning. You have Dragon from your ashes Pride t-shirt all in the palm of your hand. In anticipation of an incredible concert. Love from Cardiff Wales. We will keep a Welcome in the Hillside. This talented young man can reach your heart with his beautiful music that soothes and relaxes the soul during this historic time. His appealing face shows a range of expressions for all to enjoy because of his love of what he does. Waiting for this wonderful performance.


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