‘Most people’ is your perspective because mine and many men’s I know are different. ‘Friendzone’ generally refers to being stuck as a friend when one still wants more. The solution to that is to either kill your feelings or stop being the non-friend. I do see misuse of the slang on both sides, but even ignoring that there is Deer American flag Independence day shirt here for the man’s emotional boundary after rejection. And I will concede that it is mostly on men to avoid that situation, but you thinking men who don’t want to continue being friends as sneaky in the first place isn’t helping. Hearing those things make me want to remain friends less, though thankfully.

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I seem to choose more balanced women for company. So you want a man to behave after being declined. Trust me, he must feel OK to take his space if necessary. ‘You shouldn’t be befriending people with the sole expectation of dating later on.’ OK, try this: ‘You shouldn’t be flirting and leading people if you’re sold purpose is to remain friends.’ Do you see how that comes off as. More importantly, can we stop pretending that there is a single formula for how relationships or feelings evolve. Or paint every failed attempt to elevate friendship to a relationship as dishonest in the first place. Are you really saying genuine friends can’t grow feelings later on. Is there even a clear-cut line between growing friendship and evolving feelings. Are you really gonna take that as a sin.

If a man asks a woman and she says no, he must accept without guilt-tripping her. And If she was acting dishonest (for eg, leading him) you learn your lesson, cut her off, and move on. It’s still her boundary. Similarly. So if a rejected man wants to stop the friendship, she must accept without guilt-tripping him (which most of the comments here fail to do), understand his situation and move on.

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If he was dishonest, you learn your lesson, cut him off and move on. It’s still his boundary. It’s alright to be disappointed or saddened by the conclusion. However, It’s not alright to disrespect the person’s boundary. What matters is respect he gives you Deer American flag Independence day shirt in either approaching you, being declined by you, or informing you that he needs his space. As long as he does it respectfully speculating on his original intention is just being embittered. If you can’t accept this, then you’re a bad friend to be avoided.


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