I have 2 cats that have NEVER been teased or played rough with and they are the sweetest, calmest, most loving cats. One came from the animal shelter when she was 3 1/2 and we were her 4th home. They said she was anti-social and very standoffish. We have had her 11 years and she is always with us, purrs softly all the time and is such a sweet heart. I bought a Cat piano music note shirt in from outside when he was a year old-a stray cat had him in our boat. He loves to play hide-n-seek and for you to chase him when he finds you. He is 12. We play but NEVER in a mean way. They don’t hit or bite or have any aggressive behavior.

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I agree with you completely. Mine like when they are on the bed if you put your hand under the blanket and move it. They like to try and grab it-you got to be fast. My boy also likes to run and get on the bed when I’m trying to make it so he can get wrapped up in the blankets and tickled thru the blankets. That usually sends him into a racing, puffed up tail game. I hate it when people are cruel or abusive to their animals. Dogs and cats are wired differently and will react to things differently. Dogs are not usually as high strung as cats and it doesn’t take much to upset a cat’s emotional and mental state. It is usually the animal that is blamed when a situation like that goes south.

You make it sound like there is something wrong with playing a little rougher. my cats always been a rough houser whether I’m playing with her or shes playing with one of her sisters or her toys on her own. thats just her personality. Always has been and i dont feel like there is anything wrong with that.

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There is nothing wrong with playing with your cat, even rough housing. It is another Cat piano music note shirt to aggravate your cat to the point of retaliation or revenge. Huge difference. If your cat is happy and non-aggressive than your cat is enjoying your play and it is not making them mean. There are people who are plain mean to their cats and that brings undesirable behavior.


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