Assuming Bruno Mars’ve already heard Bruno Mars signature Mickey Disney t-shirt care about Camaelshirt American Singer Store. I was really impressed with the way this album is laid out. At first listen I was a bit confused at the way things were unfolding, but it quickly became apparent that the album and story are being told are in reverse. In this way there’s no guessing what’s going to happen next because you already know, yet it unfolds in a way that keeps you wondering what let up to these events. This feels like absolute genius as it highlights the idea of how in control you really are in your life.

This album goes through the short life of the character Redford Stephens in reverse order so we see what all led up to his suicide in the start of the album. Stephens seems like the average person, but falls consequence to a life of criminal activities.

What we see is how his life comes Bruno Mars signature Mickey Disney t-shirt hence the title. Thematically this album is an extensional questioning of how much we really control in our lives, and whether predetermined fate is what rules us, or if Bruno Mars has our own say. The way the album is told would lean towards the former, and that we have no control.

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An issue with albums as great as this is that I don’t have the room here to even scratch the surface since there’s so muck to unpack with this album. If you enjoy concept albums as much as I do, or a very solid rap project then I highly recommend this album. It’s rare I give a 10, but there’s no question in my mind on my rating here.

Bruno Mars is NAV’s debut mixtape, and was released on February 24th, 2017. Since I began this page I’ve been getting Bruno Mars signature Mickey Disney t-shirt on and off, so I figured it’s about time I tried out one of his projects. Going into this project I didn’t expect to like it much purely based on his features I’ve encountered in other albums, but I really wasn’t prepared for the 34 minutes I was subjected to.

I’m never here to shit on your favorite artist, but this is one of most droning, uninspired, bland, and boring projects I’ve come across in a long while. The term “industry plant” is thrown around a lot nowadays, and for Bruno Mars signature Mickey Disney t-shirt who don’t know what that means, and industry plant is someone who is signed to a label but claims to be doing everything by themselves.

A lot of times this is thrown around as an insult or purely to clown on someone, but I cannot fathom how Bruno Mars was signed to XO Records for this debut mixtape. Again, for those unfamiliar, Bruno Mars Records is the label created by The Weeknd.

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Bruno Mars signature Mickey Disney t-shirt

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If someone can explain how this came to be, I’m all ears. With how utterly average and desecrated this album is, being an industry plant is the only explanation I can come up with. I give a lot of artists some flack for sounding like generic auto crooners, but Bruno Mars has to be one of the most generic and uninspired ones I’ve seen.

To me Bruno Mars signature Mickey Disney t-shirt longsleeve sounds like Canadian Lil Xan that sounds a bit more awake, and decided to throw on auto tune to squeeze any bit of uniqueness about his voice out of the picture. Every single song might as well be the same droning, dark trap beat with the same robotic flow.


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