You’ve been given such a wonderful Bigfoot El Squatcho vintage retro t-shirt that I’ve bought. I agree, it will be uncomfortable at first. Just speak from your heart, tell your parents exactly how you feel. This will mean the most to them. I’ve been clean for over 30 years, I know you can do this. You’ve taken the biggest step and admitted you needed the help. I’m very proud of you.

My thoughts are with you and every parent who has gone through this same scenario. As a parent it breaks my heart but I am also proud of you for showing tough love and saving the rest of your family. Happy Thanksgiving. I chose not to see mine in over 4yrs.

Grandpa love this Bigfoot El Squatcho vintage retro t-shirt, unisex shirt, longsleeve

We had no phone contact, my boundaries, for nearly 4yrs. She did jail time, 4wks. And was on the Bigfoot El Squatcho vintage retro t-shirt before that, a man even tried to kill her. She could had been the next murder story on tv. I posted pics yesterday of our present journey, never loose HOPE.

HOWEVER, expectations can become the death of serenity and are premeditated resentments. I purposely drive slow or park near where homeless people are. Rows and Rows and Rows of tents or slumped people. Young, old women, men. I stare. In my car. At them. They don’t know am looking.

Bigfoot El Squatcho vintage retro unisex-shirt

Bigfoot El Squatcho vintage retro unisex-shirt

What could have happened. What went wrong. Once upon a time, they had nice beds, blankets, warm homes. It gives me perspective on how a child, born and then. One day walking aimlessly on some skid row. Where are the parents. What happened.

I cannot imagine how hard it is to do what you’re doing, but as an alcoholic, addict in recovery, I will tell you that I would not have gotten sober if I’d had anyone left in my life that would still let me live with them the way I was.

I’m a whole lot of years sober, I have a Bigfoot El Squatcho vintage retro t-shirt and a grown-up career, a mortgage, and an amazing little girl who has never seen me drunk or high. I’m a for real grown up, only because I ran out of enablers. I hope like hell I have the strength and courage to do what you’re doing for your child if I ever have to.

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I hope it’s a great visit for both parties. It will probably be awkward at first but, everything will fall into place. I’m happy you’re sober and I hope it continues. I’m also happy that you are able to admit you fucked up. That’s a huge step. Congrats again on your sobriety and much love.

I’m sure you are loved deeply by your parents and at the time they felt they didn’t have any other choice. I truly hope all goes well, and that you remain clean. Although I don’t know all the details, I believe everyone deserves a second chance and that your parents truly want the best for you. I wish you continued strength in your recovery.

Bigfoot El Squatcho vintage retro sweat-shirt

Bigfoot El Squatcho vintage retro sweat-shirt

Sending lots of love, positivity and well wishes your way. We are parents to a son who was lucky have parents who helped him through an expensive but effective program. He’s been clean and sober almost a year, has a good job, lives in Florida, and we are happy and grateful he’s visiting us for Thanksgiving.

Addiction is a Bigfoot El Squatcho vintage retro t-shirt and it’s so hard to find resources to help. I was at the end of my rope when our son finally landed in rehab. I’m grateful for his recovery.



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