This is truly awesome point. The very best most of parenting. I love this so much. Yes, my kids are my life. I love them and they are loving me. Thanks to God for everything that I have with them. Thank you so much Jay for your words. Besides, your words are the best of this Best mom in the seven Kingdoms floral shirt. The words really touch my heart and make me happy.

Best mom in the seven Kingdoms floral shirt, ladies shirt, hoodie, sweater

Best mom in the seven Kingdoms floral shirt

Ladies shirt

My child is autistic, his achievement is may be very limited in this life so it put in perspective what I want for him. I just want him to feel happy and loved. The great thing about that is it pushed that way of thinking onto my other children without autism and whilst I want them to be successful, i found out that the best success is happiness

I absolutely love this.. I pushed my daughter to get into a “prestigious” local college, which she did but figured out it wasn’t for her so she went to a community college, still wasn’t happy. She started working 2 jobs and is now a manager at Starbucks. Most importantly, she loves this Best mom in the seven Kingdoms floral shirt. Finally, I am so proud of her accomplishments and so happy she has found her niche in life.

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Best mom in the seven Kingdoms floral shirt

Unisex shirt

I just love this. As mom to 4 wonderful boys ranging in ages 5-17.. I want them to always know that the biggest accomplishment you can do is being a kind, compassionate, respectful, hardworking human. I am proud to say they are being successful in all that. They are my biggest accomplishments and have made me a better, stronger person.

Love love this. As a mom of three very different sons, each one is becoming an amazing man. I am most proud of their huge hearts and how well balanced they are. This Best mom in the seven Kingdoms floral shirt reminded me that being proud of them for their spirit is way more important than the jobs they have some day.

That hit home. Both my children are successful in their own way. However, one is struggling and the other is managing well. One went to college on a full scholarship but left after one year, now he’s been sober from drugs for one year and a half. Therefore, the other is married and has three jobs. I love them both and i know deep down that they both love me. I just pray for them both each day… thank you again for your words of wisdom.


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