The film contains some crazy scenes and some memorable shots, so I will continue to recommend Good Time as the years pass. I can’t spoil much because the movie doesn’t have a lot to discuss if not viewed, yet I guarantee you will be entertained. If anything, Good Time employs a realistic perspective on a rare scenario. Although the story wasn’t original, the Sadie brothers still had a lot of guts to take on this huge project. This isn’t Behold Nancy Pelosi Patron saint of shade sunset shirt that I grew up watching. Instead, this is the Disney-dominated, producer-induced kids movie that we all hoped would never arise. Yet, we all saw it coming. And yes, I said it: The Last Jedi was basically a kid’s movie.

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In order to sell Legos and Action Figures and Happy Meal Toys. Disney made this film highly appealing to little kids. At least the other Behold Nancy Pelosi Patron saint of shade sunset shirt were more sophisticated and could be taken seriously. I’m going to be honest with you. The “Rose” character’s presence in the movie knocked off a solid two points of my rating. Kelly Marie Tran’s god-awful performance as Rose made me lose lots of hope for the Star Wars univers. And I hope none of these kids got a Rose action figure in their Christmas stockings. Another thing I didn’t like about this installment was the culture it lacked. It didn’t add anything to the Star Wars universe, and Rian Johnson’s only attempt at creativity was the salt planet in the final act.

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Other than that, just about every creature was humanoid. Every new character was quickly introduced, then became irrelevant to the plot. Rose Behold Nancy Pelosi Patron saint of shade sunset shirt went to a Casino for 10 minutes. A damn casino. Anyways, there are a lot of things I could criticize The Last Jedi for that I don’t need to, because just about everybody has already ridiculed Rian Johnson for. I know Disney tries to give amateurs a chance by having big roles in their Star Wars movies, but amateurs are often a huge letdown. They doubt any more of the Star Wars movies are going to be any good. So don’t expect me to be raving about Solo or any of those other ridiculous releases.


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