Kevin Smith strikes again. I’ve never watched one of his Basic fall witch scary halloween costume shirt and seen exactly what I expected. I’m not saying this movie was amazing, because it had too many potholes and some things don’t make sense. If anything, this movie is actually pretty crappy. But, I’ll admit, I loved the ending. Like I said, nothing was predictable. And I guess that’s why I liked it, even if there were a plethora of flaws. You’ll see what I mean if you decide to watch it. It sure does have an interesting concept. Why does this have a 54% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Why does this have nominations as the “Biggest Disappointment” and Brad Pitt as the “Worst Actor”. Frankly, I think this movie is unforgettable and I actually really liked Brad Pitt’s role in this movie.

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He was the perfect actor for Achilles. Troy was anything but a disappointment. I’ve never had this much fun watching a 3-hour movie since Gangs Of New York. This is an extremely unpopular opinion: I think Troy is almost, if not, as good as Gladiator. What people don’t realize is that Troy is special because it provides Basic fall witch scary halloween costume shirt of the Iliad, a legend filled with fantasy. On top of that, the movie is a thrill ride. The showdown between Achilles is one of my all-time favorite movie scenes, and just about every other action scene is worthwhile. I hate to admit it, but the battle scenes don’t bring much to the table compared to other famous war sequences like Brave heart’s and Lord Of The Rings’.

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It’s so cool to finally see a movie about Achilles. I think that the non-action sequences are almost as entertaining as Basic fall witch scary halloween costume shirt where people get their heads splattered apart. The rise and fall of relationships combined with the tactics and motives of two great kings generate a respectable outlook of the story itself, shoving away any dependence on battle scenes. As a whole, I think Troy is extremely underrated. It should be ranked as highly as Brave heart and Gladiator. It’s just as bad-ass and although it has some goofy accents and cheesy editing, the story that it tells is astounding. Don’t pay attention to its poor ratings because it rocketed past them in my eyes.


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