Alondra, I never said it was toxic. I said environments that are bad for us, as in, subjective. Not everyone is in a Baby Yoda wearing Jiu Jitsu t-shirt in Camaelshirt Trending where critical feedback is what they need. Some people are, and that’s fine. Not everyone has the psychology to filter out negative feedback in the same way. It’s not a defect, it’s just a difference in personality.

As a Visual Arts teacher, in training,  all feelings re art are valid. It’s not like other areas, where there’s right or wrong feelings. In the arts, all feelings are and should be valid. Also, some people personally may have felt some environments were toxic, there can be some very male dominated environments in the fine art world.

Such a cool called Baby Yoda wearing Jiu Jitsu t-shirt, unisex shirt, longsleeve

Where women artists so often weren’t part of important discussions, and women often still struggle to this day to become curators.Throughout my Baby Yoda wearing Jiu Jitsu t-shirt degree I loved it so, so,  much, but it wasn’t always smooth sailing, I didn’t mind people judging my art, that can be constructive. But when they start to judge you as a person, it becomes less okay.

All experiences when it comes to Baby Yoda The Mandalorian this is the way t-shirt and will be individual, and there’s no such thing as one single, homogenous every single person has a non-toxic experience. I would so love if that were the case. But sadly no matter what university or school you go to, whether it’s law, science, or the arts, sadly none of them will be completely immune from either bullying or unhelpful behaviour. Take care.

Baby Yoda wearing Jiu Jitsu unisex-shirt

Baby Yoda wearing Jiu Jitsu unisex-shirt

It’s easy to say to not care. At the end, people should always choose their mental health and thats what he did. I found that after graduating with my BFA I started to throw away a lot of what I was taught as to what was good art and what wasn’t. I think everyone should have a creative outlet that they enjoy. If someone wants to paint ceramic Baby Yoda wearing Jiu Jitsu t-shirt and bunnies, then they should do exactly that. I have attended several schools and was able to express my viewpoints but not being able to be myself was not a rule at any of them.

It’s worth to take Baby Yoda wearing Jiu Jitsu t-shirt, unisex shirt, longsleeve

I agree. I was an Art Commissioner and ran a small city arts council for awhile. I always encouraged people to do whatever they liked any way they could. It was the doing that was important. I remember the first Baby Yoda wearing Jiu Jitsu t-shirt I saw the Mona Lisa. I understood why she was important and what she represented, but she still was a bore to look at.

Baby Yoda wearing Jiu Jitsu sweat-shirt

Baby Yoda wearing Jiu Jitsu sweat-shirt

Now Klimt was a different story. So was David when I saw it in Florence. But then I have paintings on my wall from my grandson, who will never have a show at the de Young, but are priceless to me. I love stories about artists that were discovered on an island somewhere who just want to be left alone. Their art being discovered by some big fancy person and they get a gallery show and the artist really doesn’t see what the big deal is or why so many people want to talk to them.

Those are the best artists to me. They’re not walking around carrying a latte at all times, hugging everyone they see, calling them dahling. You are correct, people should do what makes them happy, but do not confuse a hobby Baby Yoda wearing Jiu Jitsu t-shirt with fine art. To qualify for fine art the work must include ingenuity and evoke an emotion, any emotion.



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