Sending love. I almost was that son who couldn’t come home anymore, but I changed. My brother didn’t. We dont know where he is now but we would surely love to have him home for holidays. I hope your Baby Yoda Mandalorian hugs Pug dog t-shirt reaches out before it’s too late. Margarita Alcantara my situation is similar to yours.

My daughter hasn’t been home for any holiday in 18 months as she won’t get clean. I love her with everything in me but as a Baby Yoda Mandalorian have given up too much, had too many on Camaelshirt Funny Shirts. She’s not interested in getting into a program or acknowledging her significant mental health issue.

Grandpa love this Baby Yoda Mandalorian hugs Pug dog t-shirt, unisex shirt, longsleeve

It takes so much strength to put these boundaries in place, however, myself and the rest of the family deserve some peace. We are here when she is ready. I really appreciate you sharing a parental perspective. I gave my Baby Yoda Mandalorian hugs Pug dog t-shirt a lot of trouble adolescence-my 20’s because of mental health issues. And I remember my first few genuinely stable holidays with everyone very clearly, but only from my point of view. Hope your lives all heal and become easier. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

The hardest part of being a parent is realizing your child has their own journey, and it’s a hard one. Self preservation is okay. Toxic people can be the ones we love most. It’s okay to cut off that toxicity. I’ll pray for you and your son.

Baby Yoda Mandalorian hugs Pug dog unisex-shirt

Baby Yoda Mandalorian hugs Pug dog unisex-shirt

I hope this journey for her Baby Yoda Mandalorian hugs Pug dog t-shirt is over soon. My son is sober this Thanksgiving and it’s the best gift. He is 30 and we have been going through hell with his addiction since his teens. I’m hoping that this time it is forever because there have been a few short sober periods that gave us hope and then back to the same old stuff. He seems to have a better support system this time as he is in a group that one of his old drinking buddies, who has 8 years sober, started.

The friends were the downfall for years and then it became substance abuse and drinking alone. It’s horrible to constantly watch your child self destruct. I wish both you and your child strength Margarita. Reading all these stories telling of these mothers’ pain and perseverity and love touches me a lot. I’m answering to you because i recognise so much, however my son is 25 now, more ok than ever before.

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A grateful exceptional however still vulnerable young man strong enough to take care of his friends and his little own family in a most touching, loving way. I remember the love and fear that i could loose him, i remember the nightmare his and our lives seemed to be. But as time went by, perspectives grew.

Baby Yoda Mandalorian hugs Pug dog sweat-shirt

Baby Yoda Mandalorian hugs Pug dog sweat-shirt

You express so much love saying ‘Being there when she is ready’. She might ‘grow’, your daughter, one step forward, two steps behind, and otherwise. Steps you can’t make for her and that will take a lot of courage – a level of courage the of people could never show i guess. One day you might realise the crisises are less deep and don’t last so long anymore. I wish all of you all the best.

Our daughter put us through this in her teens. It was very ugly. Police, removal from home, you know the scene. It took her a long time to mature, but we had faith, hope, and the greatest – love. She’s now the mother of two great kids and she and I are best friends. We talk every day, sometimes several times, and I see Baby Yoda Mandalorian hugs Pug dog t-shirt every week at least once. Hang in there. It can happen.


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